Friday, October 30, 2009

Walking around the garden....Queen Liliuokalani Park

One of my favorite gardens is Liliuokalani Park in downtown Hilo which is a large 30 acre garden right on Hilo Bay, next to all the old hotels on Banyan Drive. I regularly take walks around the Japanese garden to get inspiration for a small scale garden that I eventually plan on developing in my property. There are many beautiful bridges to cross over little lagoons, and various paths that lead to different vistas around the garden with amazing views of Hilo Bay and the city. There are also koi ponds, pagodas, various statues, and a Japanese tea house frequently in use. My morning walk includes the bridge walk to Coconut Island which also has amazing vistas. There is a remnant of a stone tower that was part of the original footbridge and is now used by locals to jump off into the bay.

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