Sunday, January 24, 2010

Your Invited to a Wine and Food Pairing Today.

When our international cooking group has special events held like this wine tasting and pairing event, all the foodaholics in our cooking group come out in droves. Our hostess, Janet has assembled some amazing and delicious food and wine combinations that even the most jaded connoiseur can learn and appreciate from this event.

Here are some highlights from the days events.

Isn't this the most delicious tray of chocolates and fresh fruit, everything seems to be dripping with some exciting sensations. I would like to try some more please?

How about a sample taste of an apricot with extra sharp dry cheddar and match that with a dry gewurstraminer or a nice reisling?

Oh, what a lovely floral arrangement this is, but why is it moving?

Oh I'm sorry, excuse me....

My friend Janet and her accomplice Ron are such photo hams, they really add sparkle to any food related event, thank god!

Alright, does everyone have their wine glasses ready, let the tasting begin!

Oh its soo hard to choose what I want with these lushious strawberries and truffles, a nice glass of champagne or a delicious pinot noire, maybe I'll do both.

Let me just give you a heads up on some of what you'll be sampling on our pairings today, but first let me just warn you that if you drinky a little too much now and fall off the railings....none of the rest of the drunkies in this group will notice, so take care and enjoy :)

Okay I think some of these group has had a little too much sampling going on and probably didn't sample any of the food pairings either!

What are you doing with that last bottle of wine there....its for everyone to share!

Oh look all bottles empty and not a drop to spare, what a successful event!


Liza said...

Ok, well it looks like you guys had fun! Lol!

D said...

All right Noel, it looks as though everyone was having entirely too much fun. ;) I think I'd go for the champagne with the strawberries. And I noticed a Mirassou Pinot Noir, a wine we really like; here it is under $10 and a great value... I might have to have some salmon to go along with that.

Unknown said...

How can I can an invite to the next event?

Flower Donegal said...

I really enjoyed your post.
It looks like you had a great time.

Aanee xxx
flower delivery

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