Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Fall Colors in East Hawaii

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Hilo is in full bloom again with the rainbow shower trees or Cassia x nealiea lining most of the major roads coming in and out of town. These beautiful trees are showy with their long cascades of red, yellow and orange flowers in large clumps dripping down their many branches. We don't get fall color, but we do get fall colored flowers at this time of the year!

Beautiful blooms next to huge monkey pod trees and the large bandstand.

It’s a beautiful time to see this in town and even just to enjoy a brief moment to really see them in their full glory, wouldn’t you agree?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stow Lake, A Slow Stroll in a Lovely Park


When I come back to Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, I always rediscover treasures that I haven’t been to in quite awhile.


Late in the season visiting the park, I decided to take a stroll around Stow lake since it was a sunny and crisp morning, perfect for a walk around this beautiful lake. A large shrub/tree filled with the gold yellow flowers of the Hypericum greeted me on my walk – they were just stunning to see and lit up like little ornaments.


I can just sit here for a long time and watch the grasses blow ever so softly with the wind…the views of the stone bridge behind fits in perfectly with the tall pines in the background don’t you agree? I am a little puzzled by the strange emerald green colors of the lake – I always imagine that someone in the park is dyeing the water this strange color late at night just for fun.


Beautiful nasturtiums flowers are backlit like little orange jewels and the stone bridge behind is a distant back drop, its really a great day to enjoy the park and just enjoy this view.


I love to bump into artists here since I also do art and its easy for me to approach fellow
artists and start a conversation – it usually leads into interesting topics and shared interests.


I’m guessing this is a species of the California lilac or Ceanothus in which certain shrubs can bloom consistently for a good part of the year. This macro shot doesn’t show the large scale of this shrub which is more like a small tree filled with these blue flowers.


This is Golden Gate Park’s version of fall in the city, just a little color and hint of the change of season – although it felt like a perfect 75 degrees that morning.

Well, I enjoyed my walk around the lake this morning, thanks for joining me on this fun tour of the park, wasn’t it a great day to be out here?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dahlia Dell…the Last Blooms.


                            Masses of Dahlias draw me into this dell.

                                            Their vivid colors, stripes

                                                     and patterns


      are full of whimsy
                       interesting designs

                                 Aren’t they just dazzling to behold?


I want to touch
              every flower, but please don’t tell anyone.
                     Its my private joy to be in the presence
                              of all this beauty…

                          This one reminds me of fireworks.

                    while this reminds me of taffy


You see, I can’t help but to

          touch you and see compare how

               large your
                                flower is to

                                       my hand

                      its just amazing!


                      True bliss……


Dear care takers – thank you for giving us
        so much joy today!

This is my contribution to garden bloom day to see other blooms go visit

Friday, October 7, 2011

Butterfly Portraits




There you are sitting on that stunning flower….can you hold for a sec…..





Oh too fast – I just want to take a pict….


                  Again too fast for me to get you in focus


                                  please stay awhile.






Ah -  you are a pretty one – will you pose for me please?

                   Thank you

                       you are a beauty






           Wow you are stunning with your orange wings -


                                the light is magical


                                       and that flower does look so inviting…..







                                Okay, there’s enough for two to share – take it easy now…

                                                                I do want get both of you in for your portraits!




                Beautiful, now hold the pose for me.

                                      Its perfect …. you’re a natural.





I’m enjoying the time visiting and just watching you sitting there.


                        this just made my morning, thanks for dropping by and greeting me.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Farmers Market in East Hawaii


Its always fun combining shopping for groceries, entertainment and eating and buying some new plants from growers all in a one place. That’s why I enjoy going to the farmers market at Maku’u in East Hawaii, there’s a lot of activity and colorful stalls filled with fresh produce, plants, food stalls and services like massage and tarot readings.

Farmers Markets and Local Grinds - Images by Noel Morata

This slide show from my website shows various scenes of what you can find at our local market here, it’s a great place to hang out and just enjoy the day….anyone up for a Hawaiian shaved ice cone?

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