Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Hot, the Loud and the Proud #14


Show us your tropicals and exotics, your hot Mediterranean colors and wild combinations, amazing discoveries and unusual variations. Or how about something exciting you just saw, a crazy garden,  amazing garden art or design, an inspiring visit or hike?

This meme is open to all (you do not have to live in an exotic location to participate)  and will be on the last day of each month…so mark your calendars and lets do something fun on the hot, the loud and the proud meme. I’ll have the link available early, east coast time (USA) to catch you early birds and even earlier for those of you in other countries.

 Its finally happened, the long awaited bloom of the Amorphophallus titanium at the zoo happened this week. After a very long budding period, the bloom started to finally open and with it a swarm of flies attracted to the warm rotting flesh smell emanating from its bowels.

A small group of plant friends gathered earlier to cut a hole in the front section to get access of the pollen which will be used to pollinate the plant and other specimens in a budding state.


A beautiful detail of the flower petals (spathe) unfolding and the amazing reds and purple hues in the sun.

The total height with the Spadix (tall cone) reaches over seven foot in height making this quite a large specimen.

It was really an amazing plant to observe, let alone the many other admirers that typically would not go to the local zoo to visit this botanical garden which is really an amazing place.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Rare Bird in Bloom

 Its been awhile since I've been to our zoo which really is more of a botanical garden with a zoo as a complement. It is quite spectacular.

And this time it is really exciting since we have a rare occurance happening with a bloom of the exotic Amorphophallus titanium. This unusual plant originating from Sumatra is also known as the corpse plant and I'm sure you can assume, the noxious smells that would emanate from the blooming flower to attract its pollenator to come and visit

The edges of the giant flower are starting to color a deep purple, giving us hints that the flower is ready to open its bloom soon.

Fortunately at this point, the flower has not yet opened and there are no offensive smells. Its very unpredictable to know when this will occur since blooms have been registered sporadically and in many other environments that does not mimic each other. So although this state of budding has been in this stage for over a week, it is anyones guess when this will occur.


The plant shown is over seven foot in height from the top to bottom, making this quite a large specimen. Hopefully, I will be able to photograph the plant, but since the blooms only happen within a twenty four hour timeframe, the timing is always crucial. But in any case, this show and exotic plant is still amazing at this stage and I'm in awe of its presence.

Here's some more information on the Amorphophallus titanium

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally, A Beautiful Morning and Sunrise

Its been one storm front following another front the past few weeks filled  with dreary skies. I've also been distracted with travel plans to visit Spain and Morrocco soon in May.

But, seeing blue skies again has prompted me to continue my morning walks here in Hawaiian paradise park and be a part of the magical sunrises that occur in this part of the world.


It was a spectacular morning today and I'm enjoying the early sunrise by myself. The scenery is just so dramatic and incredible at this time of the morning, don't you think?  Golden light reflects brightly on the dark cliffs against these huge lava rocks and the waves crash so violently even after each storm - its so exciting to see this early in the day!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orchid Mania

I can never get tired of seeing amazing new orchid species and visiting orchid nurseries in Hawaii. Akatsukas in Volcano is an institution in East Hawaii. I regularly stop by when I'm up in the cooler areas of Volcano visiting friends or touring with some friends.

As you can see they specialize in the very showy cattleya orchids, which is very unusual for the cooler climates of Volcano. But since they are hardened in this cooler climate, the plants end up being hardier, resistant to pests and the flowers are even more intense in coloration and longer lasting.

I love this hot fuschia and red combination named Cattleya-Rlc. Teri Nardini Smigielski, isn't it just a beauty? The striped red and yellow throat just draws you in completely.

They also carry a variety of other orchid species like miltonias, this one a vivid red named Milt. Bert. Field 'Leash' is one of their best selling milts.


This un-named Phalaenopsis must be one of their newer hybrids since it was not tagged and did not have a sales tag.  The exciting new color combination of pink and yellow with white edging makes it quite a show stopper - I have a feeling this will become a very popular orchid in their collections.

This orange yellow has a nice lite and sweet scent like perfumed jasmine.

Another on of their popular scented cattleyas called Cattleya-Pot. Mitsuo Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen', the scent was very strong when I visited in the morning time frame.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Akatsuka's Nursery.  Come and visit other posts for today's flowers at

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