Monday, March 26, 2012

A Hibiscus Beauty

I'm getting addicted on hibiscus plants especially here in Hawaii where we have some amazing growers. The flower above is 'Yoda' a new favorite with interesting brown to reddish patterns on the intside throat and beautiful yellow and orange colors on the fringe. This hibiscus hybrid is from East Hawaii grower, Novelty Greens which grows an amazing collection of colorful and unique plants for local and national distribution.

I always spend alot of time at the Big Island nursery sale and at this vendor always has a huge section of unusual and amazing plants for sale. Yoda is one of my favorite purchases from last year's sale, I'll have to post a picture next time of my latest hibiscus purchase from the spring 2012 sale - its also a stunning beauty!

I'm really pleased with this hibiscus except that the blooms are so infrequent since its still a very young plant. I'm sure that all the effort it takes for these large blooms to develop take quite alot of energy and effort from this tiny plant.

So when it does happen, I really enjoy the moment and pay attention to its amazing display and details.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Garden Bloom Day Tour in Orchidland


Its been awhile since I’ve done a garden tour for garden bloom day. Maybe, its because of all the new garden projects happening at the same time. I’m currently  re-working and creating new areas in the front, side, and back garden, oh and yes even the ‘ jungle area ‘.

Needless to say, I’m not ready to show you the mess being created outside of the work I’ve been doing on the side garden if anyone has followed the progress for that inspiration.


It’s a little too much trying to work on all these areas by myself. But initially when I get in the mood, I have to tap into this energy immediately or else it gets diverted to many other outside interests. That can easily occur in Hawaii when there are so many distractions to do other things than spending time weeding and mowing the lawn.

A sweet vignette with my ceramic cocqui frog.


Let me show you some of the more presentable parts of the garden and flowers in bloom this March in Orchidland.

A small Rock berm in the front yard with tilsandia, bromeliads, crotons, strobilanthes and dracaenas.

The front garden has been getting a major re-do, below are the areas being reworked.
A front yard view from the house with new berms and variegated pandanus and ohia trees in the background.


Bedding plants along the front walk way to the house and flowers in the next few pictures.


Geraniums, ti, crotons, vireya, dracaena, ferns, and various impatiens line the front beds.


One of my favorite hibiscus blooms, its so large its drooping, say hello to hibiscus ‘Mountain Air’




I’m starting to like the hot pinks and purples in the front garden against my yellow house.



Anthuriums are always blooming and I never have to do anything to them.



The Back yard is getting a major re-do but I’ll just show you a small area on the right side that is somewhat presentable. Last year, it was basically jungle and is being brought back into view able range from the house.


The larger hibiscus to the right of the mosaic has these beautiful candy cane-like flowers below.


A good portion of the back, back area and the jungle are filled with these pretty pink ground covers, but beware, they can really climb up a shrub or tree and cover them completely in no time!


Well that’s a small look at the new things happening on my garden, thanks for coming to visit and hope you enjoyed the tour.

To visit other gardens around the world on bloom today go to

Friday, March 9, 2012

Side Garden Progress


I’ve been re-energized about doing my side garden which I have been using as a storage area and a buffer to my neighbors plain and boring front yard.

Its been a hectic month, but I have been making progress on the yard, clearing out the junk including the junk trees and shrubs and did I mention the various weeds, sleeping grass that just love to cut you to shreds?  Weeding is not my thing and they just come back stronger when you pull out the first batch.

But, I’ve been making progress and have started growing some good barrier plants along the beautiful rock wall dividing the properties.  I have planted apple bananas, big leafed vireyas, bamboo, ti, ginger and heliconias which will eventually fill in the spaces and block the views into the neighbors lot.



This is the first plant I planted along the new berm next to the rock wall. Acalypha Inferno Firestorm is beautiful, its our tropical substitute to Japanese Maples and has colorful variegated leaves. Here’s how it looks below when I planted it right next to the rock wall.





Here are a few more newly planted areas along the rock wall that hopefully will grow

large enough to create a separation from the neighbors driveway.



This section has a fig tree, a white orchid tree (bauhinia), gingers, ti and crotons and various cuttings that will eventually take root.




Now the next stage is to develop the ground surface area below the rock wall. This area has a lot of rocks but no soil, what to grow? I’m thinking about some simple groundcovers, any good ideas from anyone? I want to keep this area easy to take care of – there’s too many other high maintenance areas around in the front and back gardens.  I’m open to any suggestions if anyone wants to give me some ideas, please do!



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