Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bits of my weekend.

It was a very low key weekend for a change,
usually I have too many things packed on my to do list
but this weekend i actually took it nice and easy....

Stayed in bed till past seven in the morning,
 which is late for me, I finally finished a
book that took me way to long to finish, but
 i'm glad i finally finished it.

It was only 65 degrees this morning....brrrrrr.
I made some nice
warm oatmeal
with lots of nuts and raisins,
and honey,
 and lots of chocolate sprinkles.

I took a nice walk around the garden this morning
and pulled out some more weeds

and transplanted some pot bound plants.

I made alot of cuttings with these coleus plants, they are getting almost five feet tall (scary)

Stopped to admire my variegated

thanks for greeting me today!

Went to Arthur's studio to do some
figure drawing

 its been awhile
since i've come down to work with my pencils again

and it shows (frustration)

Made a nice big pot of Turkey soup, from all the turkey leftovers yesterday...

hmmm, I can't wait til supper time...

It was definitely a nice low key weekend,
I should do this more often.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Aloha Friday

In the early morning I walk out to the garden

to sit and reflect

to see the beauty in what my garden wants to show me

to contemplate a new day

I wander around the beds and discover new things

I smell the jasmine and gardenia bloom profusely

Then pick a fresh tangerine from my tree

and enjoy the view unfolding around me.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Plant Fanatics Discoveries at the Farmers Market

One of my favorite Sunday morning activities is to go visit our local farmers market here in East Hawaii called the Macuu Farmers Market outside of Pahoa town. It is packed with a variety of food purveyors, fruit and vegetable sellers, craft and souvenir stallss and then my favorite, the plant vendors.

You know a true plant fantatic like myself will always find new babies to take home and pamper.  I've made alot of good friends with the plant vendors, so I can get some great growing tips and of course better deals from these vendors. I actually end going direct to their greenhouse nurseries afterwards so I can pick up the best of their offerings outside of what they have at the farmers market.

Here are some of my current favorite vendors and amazing plants that I couldn't pass up on....

Amparo Castro runs Tikal Flowers and mostly specializes in exotic anthuriums and Obake types that she has been growing for over 20 years initially as a hobby and then mostly as a farmers market vendor here at Macuu Market.
She specializes in amazing variegated varieties and large flowered obake specimens.

Here's a beauty that I couldn't pass up on, its called Anthurium Pele, after the godess Pele....just amazing.

Here's another obake type Anthurium that is over a foot long in size, beautiful variegation.

Come and talk to Amparo at Macuu Market, she is extremely knowledeable and very friendly and will give you a good deal.

Kataua, runs Katua Industries and has been selling at the farmers market for over 5 years and even longer at the another market in Pahoa town. Her favorite sellers are usually flowers with a fagrance and her booth smells wonderful.

Here's one of my favorites that she was selling, its a Double Pikaki or double Arabian Jasminun called the Grand Duke of Tuscany...aaaaah, the scent is purely intoxicating!  A fantastic deal for $6, I'll take this one please.

I always buy my vegetable starts from Josie at Josie's Nursery, who can resist when you can get 10 healthy plants for under $5.00.

She also has beautiful exotics, I loved these two that she was selling that day.
Medinilla Cumingii, beautiful pink cascades, this grows very quickly in tropical climates.

Mendinilla Lalique, beautiful white cascades

Now Phil at High Point Tropicals really collects and sells everything exotic that he can get his hands on and he always shows plants that are blooming and ready for a quick indulgent purchase.

I loved most of the beautiful vireyas that he was showing including this Vireya named Calabar

Phil has a website that you can check out at   He also likes to talk story at his stall, so drop by and say hello.

You know, orchids are snapped up fast at Macuu farmers market and Kalapana Tropicals does not disappoint. Denise at Kalapana mentions that they have been growing orchids for over 26 years and focus on beautiful orchids grown in Hawaii. They sell all their overuns here for $5 and there is alot of scented varieties that caught my eye right away.

Here's a Miltonia called Red Brick Road, sweet vanilla scent, like morning rain.

Here's a beautiful Paphiopedilum mix hybrid called Hana Makusum x Green Heron

Another dazzler called Paphiopedilum Black Buddy

Come and talk to Denise about orchids and get some great orchid tips from her when you visit, or go to their online site at

Here are a few more plants that I couldn't pass up on....

Well that was a successful visit, now you'll just have to come over to the Macuu market when you are in East Hawaii to pick up some of these beauties yourself....

Friday, November 20, 2009

A walk around the garden after the rains.

It's been awhile since ive had the time to walk and enjoy my garden...the rains have been kind to my tropical plants, but i haven't had the time to go out and see whats new and growing in the garden. I think there's been alot of new things going on that I haven't observed lately....come and visit my garden with me and lets discover whats new....

Well look at you...., thanks for greeting me today...

Aaaah the papayas are still green, maybe its time to make some papaya salad instead.

Still alot of tangerines on the trees, nice and sweet ,you can almost taste how ripe they are from the pictures.

OH WOW, my antherium is going crazy..

A fun garden project that I can actually step on...

Another beautiful orchid flower coming out...thanks for making my day!

Aaaah what a beautiful scent you make.....sooo amazing....

There used to be a path here....time to weed again....sigh

Ah yes, you need my attention to, thanks for greeting me today.

Still waiting for your snack I see...

Discovering whats new in the garden was a definitely fun, I need to get out more often even when it rains!

Aloha Friday, A simple view..

Lets stop and slow down.....breath and enjoy the simple things for a change.

walking down a quiet path

From simplicity

enjoying the company of some friends

From simplicity

cooking a nice home cooked meal

From simplicity

Eating a freshly picked bananas or some fresh fruit from the garden

From simplicity

Jumping off some rocks to a warm pool below

From simplicity

picking some fresh flowers from your garden

From simplicity

listening in bed to the rain coming down

From simplicity

life is simple and good here.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

They are almost here now....

I'm scanning the ocean every day now....

From A Sari-Sari Life-Hawaiian Style

Its almost time for the migration of Humpback Whales to Hawaii and I've been spending some time going down to the ocean to read, play volleyball with some friends, go snorkeling and then gaze at the ocean to see if i can see any blow holes or any whales tails around...nope I think its still too early for any shows here in East Hawaii.

Oh well, i'll still be waiting...meanwhile here's a fun Youtube video of my friends in the ocean.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bits of my Weekend....

I wanted to work on the blog and since I want this to be a more visually oriented site, I have been tweeking the site and trying to understanding how to change formats, post larger pictures and make it look better. Well that was my intent, but trying to figure out how to do this and tinker with my limited html knowledge made this a little tricky, and for some reason alot of the suggestions that I followed with various tutorials never seem to work out well...who says you can actually do alot of things effectively with web tutorials( I would prefer a live demo please?)

Did alot of things on the weekend around the garden and around East are some excerpts.

From farmers market

Picked up a beautiful Orchid at the farmers market for $4

From simplicity

Made a nice banana smoothy with bananas a friend dropped over.

From sustainable show

Went to a self sustainability show and talked with the Master Gardeners and their fruit fly erradication programs....a big problem here in East Hawaii.

From A Plant Whore in Hawaii

Started more cuttings of this beautiful coleus plant which i love for its colors and variegations.
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