Sunday, October 24, 2010

It’s a Carnivorous World Out There


I happened to run into this special exhibit at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park and what a wonderful show they put on. The members that put on these amazing temporary shows really go all out.  With the help of specialty grower California Carnivores in Sebastopol California, we get to see some of the most amazing Nepenthes or carnivorous plants in the world.

The famous venus flytraps…take a look and see if you spot any critters in their red traps.


Here’s a huge pitcher plant dangling from the rafters of the conservatory, I was only able to capture a small portion of this one huge plant, it must be quite heavy as a potted plant. These highland Nepenthes grow in higher and cooler elevations of the tropical rain forest.


This collection contains some amazing creatures like the well known Venus fly traps and pitcher plants to the more exotic cobra plants and corkscrew…take a look at some of these unusual specimens.


The Cobra Plant (Darlingtonia California) is a local native growing native to the far northern California to Oregon borders in meadows and along river banks.

This exotic wonder is called a tropical Sundew, they come from all over the world and need a constant humid and hot temperature to grow.



American Pitcher plants are the most ravenous and showy of the pitchers and are truly magnificent. They have very beautiful flowers  and leaves, and they are extremely easy to grow and from these pictures some of the most rewarding to have in a collection.


There are a lot of these carnivorous plants that are easy to grow as indoor or outdoor plants. You should give some a try when you see them in your local garden centers, you just find another new plant to add to your exotic collection.

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Jane said...

Wonderful shots, love all the greens and reds. Thanks for sharing:)

Arija said...

Joiks, man eating plants!
I'll grant you that they are good looking and very useful as pest controls for postmen, hawkers and Jehova's witnesses as well as flies. Unfortunately in the very dry climate we live in they have no chance of survival except for the sun dews.

Nice selection.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful shots of the exotic and canivorous plants.

Bom said...

Being interested in carnivorous plants as well, this post was a treat. Thanks for sharing.

africanaussie said...

I have always felt a little uncomfortable amongst carniverous plants! With your wonderful photography you have brought out the beauty in them.

Chubskulit Rose said...

So pretty!

Pumpkins and Mums at my page.

lotusleaf said...

Magnificent photographs which bring out the beauty and the mystery of the carnivorous plants!

wenn said...

greats photos!

Rajesh said...

Beautiful macro shots of the flowers.

Indrani said...

We rarely get to see them here, except in botanical gardens. Great pictures, a major hit with my kids. :)

BernieH said...

There really are some amazing plants among your photos ... I've never been tempted to get any of these types of plants but I have to say they have the most incredible form!

EG CameraGirl said...

Great collection of carnivorous plants, Noel!

Floridagirl said...

Wonderful specimens! Reading Aaron's blog has whet my appetite for these carnivorous creatures. Hopefully, I'll have one in my collection soon....

Anonymous said...

Greetings Noel, Try as I might, I cannot warm to these plants. My over-riding thought is of half digested creepy crawlies lurking somewhere in those otherwise beautiful blooms. Exotic they are and your photographs are super,but, no, I should not wish to give one house room.

Carol said...

Great post Noel! It always amazes me the intelligence within the plant kingdom and its modifying ways of survival. Very interesting!! Beautiful photos too. ;>)

Ellada said...

I love those carnivorous plants, but it's very difficult to grow them.
Great post.

Charlene N. K. said...

Wonderful photos of amazing plants! They are truly marvels of creation!

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