Thursday, February 11, 2010

Skywatch Friday - The Other Side of Hawaii Island



Its rare for me to go to the other side of Hawaii Island from the east side since it takes almost two and a half hours to get here, but some friends invited me for a camp out on the beach during the week and I thought its monday … why not.

Sleeping on the beach here is really peaceful, the campground’s are very well provisioned and maintained and there’s nothing like being able to camp out on the beach with cool trade winds blowing all night into your tent.

Its morning time and I’m just lounging in my tent overlooking a white sandy beach called Spencer Beach…mornings are relaxing.



There’s something magical about just looking up at the trees in your tent and day dreaming….





No-one is on the beach yet, maybe its time to take a nice walk and even a dip… I’m sure there’s alot of tropical fish busy looking for their morning meals. I spot a lot of colorful fish, and even more exciting some turtles and lobsters hiding in some rocks!




I forgot that the beaches are quite nice on this side of the island, beautiful white powdery beaches and amazing trails leading you to even more secret beaches.




I think I can just stay here all day and take a nap under some of these mesquite trees when it gets too hot…I can’t believe its February here and already 80 degrees.




Aaaah, life is good today… Happy Aloha Friday!


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Erwin said...

Looks like paradise overthere ... we are in the middle of a winteroffensive ... camping on the beach is not an issue here !
By the way i put my pictures on first and use the url to post them on my blog. (my blog has a restriction on image size and Flickr hasn't.


Al said...

I'm ready for a beach day. Unfortunately there are no beaches within 1,000 miles of me! Great shots, and camping this time of year would be rather cold in my part of the world.

LV said...

What a great way to spend a day in beautiful Hawaii. Thanks for visiting. Thought if I said that looked tracks in sand it would sound warmer. We are having a big snow here today.

Noelle Johnson said...

Oh wow! This is one of my favorite posts! I can almost hear the ocean and experience how peaceful the beach was for you. The photo with your feet is priceless!

Unknown said...

oh, camping at the beach is my favorite vacation! you make me wanna pack my bags and go...

louisebah said...

hahah, it's monday.. why not??? love your beach!

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel~~ It sure looks peaceful. You must have had a great time.

Meredith said...

Aloha, Noel! There are few things in life I enjoy more than sleeping outside (well, sans insects and snakes in my tent). But to wake with that view stretched before me... I can't imagine such joy! You are very fortunate indeed, and I thank you for sharing your experiences in paradise with all of us -- so that I could dream better tonight! :)

Anonymous said...

Greetings Noel, I am sure that it will come as no surprise to you that I have never been, nor ever considered, camping! HOWEVER, what you have shown here is positively MAGICAL. What beautiful beaches and such a lovely setting. This has to be the most stylish 'campsite' imaginable.

I LOVED the photograph showing your toes with the sea beyond. It made me laugh. Happy weekend!

Carol said...

Noel, I have not slept on the beach that way since I was in my twenties... even then I could hardly sleep for the beauty and wondrous sounds of the sea. I think your peaceful time so close to our earth's largest body ... the give and take of the tides... the air and sun ... a bit of heaven to me sitting here looking out over a beautiful white dune like landscape... that should I have my toes exposed as you they would freeze to the icy snow. The utter simplicity of your being there within such a force of nature must be so refreshing. I mostly envy your being able to swim in it!!! ;>)) Carol

MsRay said...

It's Aloha Friday!!

I miss Hawaii. I lived in Oahu for 2 years before moving to FL. Your pictures bring back fond memories of my paradise.

Liza said...

So jealous!

Lona said...

Hi Noel. Guy I am so jealous. Just rub it in will you about the 80 degrees and paradise. LOL! I would love to be on the beach today in Hawaii. Just haven't found a way to walk there yet. LOL!
Not fond of plane or ships.
Have a great and warm weekend. ;-)

Ami said...

Noel: I would love to have a peaceful day on that beach! Your beautiful pictures catpure the beauty so well! Now I need to have a day dreaming...

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