Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Beautiful Winery and Garden


One of my favorite wineries with an inspiring garden has to be Chateau St. Jean in Sonoma County which I visited recently late October. It has that quintessential look of an old world style winery with a walled garden filled with vines growing all around and creating this entryway filled with surprises to delight all who enter.


And it is a surprise once you enter, you have to walk through the garden first before you get to the tasting rooms. This garden really delights all your senses, beautiful gurgling sounds from a water fountain, sweet smelling roses, walking through graveled pathways,a trimmed formal garden with elegant statuary and flowers and even the rustling palms add so much to this visual experience.

Beautiful antique and hybrid roses dot various areas around the walled gardens.



It all adds up to a welcoming experience even before you get a chance to taste their wonderful wines. They add some beautiful seating areas around the gardens and home so you can savor their wines and enjoy the views of the garden and the vineyards.



Colorful plant vignettes like this hand cart filled with flowering perennials line the pathways.



So many beautiful views with entryways filled with vines and potted plants filled with colorful annuals dot the entire winery.



Its enough to spend the afternoon walking around the gardens, but with a nice bottle of St. Jean wines in hand its even more memorable.

To visit other gardens for fertilizer friday go to


giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Hi Noel :)
non saprei dire se sono piĆ¹ belle le piante hawaiane o le case.
Buona giornata Myriam :)

Pas de blabla... Juste des photos said...

I could spend my days in a garden like this.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

This really is a lovely winery in a beautiful setting. I honestly haven't been there in years, but next time I'm wandering through Sonoma I may just have to stop in again.

Andrea said...

Hi Noel, you seem to be staying there for a long time ah! But of course who would like to leave sceneries like those. I specially love the hanging green curtains, the very tropical looking cart with plants, and the dramatic arch. So beautiful.

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

What a beautiful place, very calming. I love the combination of formal lines and topiary with more "shaggy" planting (the shrubs in the terracotta urns for instance) and the "pretties". And accompanied by a nice wine? Hard to beat!

Theresa Plas said...

Gorgeous and so inspiring! Love Sonoma too!

Kathy said...

Oh yeah! My two favorite things wine and gardening! I would be in heaven. Beautiful gardens. I think I will view these fantastic photos again with a glass of wine and pretend I am there.

Meredith said...

I just love that vine-draped archway with the colorful planter beside it. Lovely place, Noel. I wonder if the wine lived up to the utterly delicious grounds?

I've missed you, and am glad to be back doing the rounds of my favorite blogs. :)

Anonymous said...

Such fascinating images. I love them all. The cart with the flowers...that's an image that'll stay on....

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