Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Hot, the Loud and the Proud #11


Show us your tropicals and exotics, your hot Mediterranean colors and wild combinations, amazing discoveries and unusual variations. Or how about something exciting you just saw, a crazy garden,  amazing garden art or design, an inspiring visit or hike?
This meme is open to all (you do not have to live in an exotic location to participate)  and will be on the last day of each month…so mark your calendars and lets do something fun on the hot, the loud and the proud meme. I’ll have the link available early, east coast time (USA) to catch you early birds and even earlier for those of you in other countries.

As I walk around my garden today, the morning clouds are still here and a light drizzle is coming down. That's okay with me so I do not have to water today and the mosquitos don't attack me when its wet outside for some reason. Taking a look at whats blooming today and I see alot of favorites that are greeting me this morning in the garden.

My leucospermum is putting out a beautiful bloom today, its still a very young plant so these blooms are very rare.

This is also a relatively young leucadendron plant that gives me a few blooms, and do last a few weeks.

I've made quite a few cuttings of these impatiens and they are also doing very well and giving me beautiful blooms.

One of my favorite anthuriums, this one is over 10 inches long, these obake hybrids are a showy bunch and can last for over a month.

Another favorite impatiens, I love the variegated foliage just as much as the flower which is always blooming on these wonderful plants.

I only have one shrub of these cats whiskers and it is huge, its such a carefree and easy plant to have in the garden - no fussing necessary for these beautiful blooms.

A beautiful scented vireya is coming out in the side yard and giving out a spectacular display, the scent is litely perfumed like a ginger.

One of the wild orchids in the back jungle area of the garden is putting on quite a show for me also. Isn't it a treat to see wild orchids like this blooming!

Hope you enjoyed the walk around the garden with me this morning, come and visit again anytime.

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One said...

Hi! I am finally linking to this. Love your exotics.

I've also added your blog to my side bar.

lotusleaf said...

Noel, Aloha!Your Leucospermum is extremely beautiful. I like the Cat's Whiskers too, which I have not seen around here. Is it a Clerodendrum? Have a nice day!

Noel Morata said...

the cats whisker is a tropical plant and part of the mint family, it blooms year round.

Pas de blabla... Juste des photos said...

Aloha Noel,
The leucospermum is amazing. It is a strange flowers but very very beautiful.

Ami said...

Your first picture is gorgeous. You captured all those details so well.

I never see impatiens with variegated leaves. Both of yours are beautiful, especially the one with red variegated leaves!

Yes, it is just amazing to have wild orchid blooming for you.

Meredith said...

Loved the tour of your garden, Noel. Beautiful, as always. The cats' whiskers reminded me of our native azaleas (at least in form), and that impatiens is striking! I'm not normally a huge impatiens fan, but I could change my mind for that one. :)

Ever Green Tree said...

Aloha! Amazing shots.... Enjoyed taking a stroll around your garden showcasing some of the rarest beautiful blooms. Cheers! Radhka

Anonymous said...

Greetings Noel, The tour of your garden is just like being on the front row of an Haute Couture fashion show. So many glamorous goodies...perfect for chasing away the February gloom in London.

Lona said...

Hi Noel. I finally have something to post for your meme. I saved them just for this purpose. Your blooms are gorgeous as always and a warm spot for a cold winter day.

fer said...

That leucospermum looks great! amazing color

Anonymous said...

Noel, I have to second fer's comment. I've never seen leucospermum before; that glowing intense orange is an amazing color!

Stephanie said...

Beautiful blooms! Love your variegated impatiens and that big anthurium very much! They look spectacular. But errr... that big anthurium requires lots of feeding?

Andrea said...

Hi Noel, i failed to post this month for the hot, loud and proud as i have been busy travelling, haha! I love that variegated dark impatiens, i haven't seen it here yet. But our common impatiens has been growing like weeds that i cut and throw them. That 'Obake' anthurium is also beautiful but we also have them here. BTW, it looks like you have scattered peas or beans growing on your pots. If i were you i will put some trellis for it to cling on and it will be fruiting nicely. It is wonderful picking fruits of your labor.

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