Friday, November 4, 2011

A Place for Quiet and Contemplation


Its been awhile since I’ve visited this grove in San Francisco’s Golden Gate park.


When I visited recently in October – it was a crisp sunny morning – a great time to visit the park and take a nice long walk by myself.




This special grove is called the aids memorial which I haven’t walked through in ages – I wanted to see how the garden looked at this time of the year. Just outside the grove, I spotted these beautiful variegated hydrangeas blooming in mass, it was nice to be greeted with these beautiful flowers….




I love seeing late blooming flowers at this time of the year, a mass of these hot pink japanese anemones were striking in a very shady part of this grove filled with redwood trees.



I do love spending some alone time and discovering something new, or really rediscovering something  or someplace I haven’t been to in along time…. I forgot how special this place was.




    a simple flower boquet offering is placed at this center plaque.


It puts you in a mood to stop, think and contemplate while in the beauty of all this surroundings.

                  ….the circle stone bench is a welcome detail that can accommodate a large gathering.





-more pink flowers of oenothera cover the bottom of this beautiful acer lit up by the late afternoon light, it was a pretty vignette.





another detail shot of this pink anemone – they are beautiful at this time of the year.




This is a sweet place, I’m glad I stopped by for a visit and see some of the fall flowers blooming here….I’m glad they made this a very tranquil and quiet spot in the park – a perfect setting to think about love ones.


Andrea said...

Now you seem sentimental and a bit nostalgic. The photos are lovely Noel.

Lona said...

What a beautiful Garden Noel. It is always nice to go back and revisit a garden to see how it has changed over time. The Anemones are so lovely.

Hanna at Orchid Care said...

My favorite public garden to which I return time and time again is the Los Angeles Arboretum. I must have been there hundreds of times by now and each time I go it looks somewhat different because plants are dynamic and ever changing in response to seasons and other environmental conditions.

So, it was good that you went back to revisit a beloved garden from the past and it is, indeed, serenely beautiful or beautifully serene. Either way, I’m glad you shared it here in this post.

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