Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Parade Time in Pahoa


To say that this is a totally zany parade is an understatement. Welcome to the Pahoa Christmas parade in East Hawaii, where you wont find the typical types of floats, people and Christmas cheer everywhere else.



Here, we celebrate the unique, crazy and fun that happens to everyone in this neck of the woods and the parade, really manifests the entire spirit of this community.


Don’t you think this is different?


I always love antique cars, especially when they are dressed in beautiful






Look even Aunty Claus’ sister made a guest appearance today!




I think this little tot, was going for the best float award in the parade, what a cutie!




Plenty of free hugs to go around today from the teletubbies.





Whats a parade without our local ukelele marching players?




one of my favorite troups, Da Puna Wieners all dressed up…


I’m dressed up and still looking for my treat, have you seen it?




Roller derby is hot in East Hawaii, these are the champion Hilo derby girls.




Past USO performer and still going strong, doing it for the Toys for tots drive, way to







Horses and tinsel, whats not to like?





Chicken man is a well known attraction here in Pahoa town…want to buy a souvenir



Our local circus group, does a very colorful show with unicycles, twirlers and sweet kids.



Our local version of santa on a sleigh, here he comes in a Big Yellow truck, courtesy of our

local fire department.




That’s the Parade at Pahoa, hope you enjoyed the whole show, it was another

special parade for participants and marchers alike.


Tom said...

Things like this always make me want to move to the looks so fun!

Janet said...

Wow,what a colourful, fun series of photographs, Noel. It's so different to anything that happens here in Scotland. I can never get quite used to seeing Christmas in warm sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Wow... this indeed was quite a show!
So vibrant, lively...
So totally different from old Europe here!

Liza said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing, Noel!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

Love all your bright colorful pictures! Small local parades are the best!

Anonymous said...

hi! I've been looking for blog posts about Puna to feature on our site. Your photos are amazing! If you're interested, you can drop me a line at Brenda (at) Dwellable (.com)

thanks and Happy New Year!

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