Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Conservatory of Flowers


During the holiday, when I’m visiting family in San Francisco, I always make it a habit to drop by the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate park to see the seasonal displays and some of my favorite sections of the complex like the grand entry pavilion with its amazing glass entry (and it’s a nice toasty 80 degrees indoors)


I love seeing the new plantings that they change regularly. I couldn’t find a name plate for this gorgeous specimen – I’m guessing it might be some type of calathea or player plants native to the tropical Americas. Isn't the flower just dazzling, the scent is lightly flowered like a ginger.


Above, I spot the huge inflorescence from the bromeliad below is quite spectacular. I’m not familiar with this bromeliad, but it was quite a show-stopper.


Another exotic bloom, I could not locate the name plate for. I’m assuming it’s the spadix of an anthurium plant which I couldn’t even see in the thick jungle above


I love this fountain and the plants surrounding this huge stone pot. The vignettes of beautiful ferns, moss, little pink tillandsias (another guess), orchids and other miniature tropicals.


Its cymbidium season and the conservatory was filled with all different colors of my favorite orchids. Here, huge sprays of giant yellow spikes create a beautiful vignette in a quiet corner.



I enjoyed visiting and staying warm inside instead of being outdoors where it’s a brisk 39 degrees and cold grey skies. Its always nice to get a slice of paradise then the weather outside is the opposite.  What do you think, wasn’t this a great visit to the conservatory on such a cold day in the park?


Debra @ Gardens Inspired said...

Aloha Noel - you have inspired me to visit our botanical gardens soon; it is very cold and snowy here in Michigan tonight. I enjoyed your post very much. ~Debra

Lenie-Ane-Moon said...

Amazing lovely blog you have also this article about the botanic plants are wonderful
Kind Regards from Holland

Garden Sculptures said...

At Gaia we have a myriad of options for you to choose from. Statues, water fountain, bird-bath and several lawn ornaments.

Anonymous said...

It is really wonderful conservatory of flowers. I really, like this conservatory.

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