Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Garden in Kapoho, Hawaii



I love to sing and the chorus I sing with, the Puna Men’s chorus, held a fun wrap up party after our Aloha  Broadway performances featuring 100 years of Broadway hits. Let me just say that singing here is a lot of fun and also challenging, but the parties and places we go to are also amazing!


One of our board members has a beautiful home and garden in Kapoho on the eastern-most part of Hawaii island. Since I came early to help with the preparations, I got to explore the garden by myself on a beautiful sunny, cloudy and stormy day all happening in a single morning!


Walking around the grounds and the swimming pool area, a large Bismarkia B. nobilis palm on the left side, it is a beautiful silver grey color and adds nice texture along with the other palms in the background.




There were many colorful hibiscus plants in many intense color hues, here’s one of my favorites below.




A picture of the side garden leading down to the volleyball court hidden beyond the bougainvillea.




The plumeria in the top photo is from this grouping of deciduous plumeria trees that are just starting to bloom before the leaves start to come out. A beautiful traveler palm in the background adds a nice fan shape to this vignette.




In a shady dell is a grouping of different bromeliads and a nice spray of blooms in the foreground. Ferns and aloe in the foreground add a nice green base.



Orchids in trees are very common here since little care is taken to maintain them here, its survival of the fittest and hand watering down here is never done.








I love these powderpuff calliandra shrubs or trees, the intense red colors commands instant attention to their wispy puffs. They always add nice accents in a forest of green trees.



Sunny and cloudy skies are beautiful and yet can turn stormy at a moments notice so outdoor activities have to be done in covered patios or lanais.



More plumerias that are starting to bloom and develop leaves, below are red ti’s which add a nice color to the naked trees in wintertime.



A beautiful solitary jasmine bloom, from this almost tree sized shrub. Not sure which type this is, but I’ll guess it might be a night blooming indian jasmine.






Wasn’t this a beautiful garden to visit, add some singers, food and hanging out by the pool and it’s a perfect place to spend a wonderful lunch and afternoon. I’m so glad to come back and visit this sweet place.


This is my contribution for February’s Garden bloom day, please go to http://www.maydreamsgardens.com/ to see some other amazing gardens in bloom.


Marisa said...

Gorgeous photos, and a lovely garden. My visits to your blog are convincing me that I need to visit Hawaii.

BernieH said...

Yep, that sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon. That's a truly lovely tropical garden. I especially loved the Orchids in the trees and that brilliant glooming Bromeliad. I'm so glad you shared this garden's beauty with us all.

Christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

How beautiful everything in Hawaii looks and this garden in particular! Stunning!
Happy GBBD :)

danger garden said...

I just knew that coming here would cheer me up on this grey bloomday (in Oregon). Thank you for the sunshine and flowers!

africanaussie said...

beautiful gardens. thanks for sharing the tour with us.

Denise said...

That shady dell with bromeliads might be my favorite of these lovely photos.

Rebecca said...

I think I need a Hawaiian vacation! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos :)

Gardens at Waters East said...

Wow, I was so happy to find a blog in Hawaii that was something for me. Loved my visit and will now be following you. Thought we live in very different climates, I think we have lots in common, like love of the out doors, plants, water and more. Here on the shores of Lake Michigan it is very different for gardening than for you. ope to learn more. Jack

scottweberpdx said...

I love that fluffy Calliandra too...so cute! I can practically smell the Jasmine all the way across the Pacific!

Debra said...

Noel, I enjoy visiting your blog because it's always beautiful and also because it gives me an opportunity to escape our freezing and snowy weather for awhile.

I love that yellow hibiscus and am longing for spring.

Solitude Rising said...

That is a very beautiful garden indeed, enviable!

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