Monday, March 26, 2012

A Hibiscus Beauty

I'm getting addicted on hibiscus plants especially here in Hawaii where we have some amazing growers. The flower above is 'Yoda' a new favorite with interesting brown to reddish patterns on the intside throat and beautiful yellow and orange colors on the fringe. This hibiscus hybrid is from East Hawaii grower, Novelty Greens which grows an amazing collection of colorful and unique plants for local and national distribution.

I always spend alot of time at the Big Island nursery sale and at this vendor always has a huge section of unusual and amazing plants for sale. Yoda is one of my favorite purchases from last year's sale, I'll have to post a picture next time of my latest hibiscus purchase from the spring 2012 sale - its also a stunning beauty!

I'm really pleased with this hibiscus except that the blooms are so infrequent since its still a very young plant. I'm sure that all the effort it takes for these large blooms to develop take quite alot of energy and effort from this tiny plant.

So when it does happen, I really enjoy the moment and pay attention to its amazing display and details.


ks said...

I was so dismissive of Hibiscus when I lived in San Diego back in the 70's, but now that I am a norcal girl I pine away for them ! This one is beautiful !

Andrea said...

yes that one is beautiful. In garden shows i always don't fail to look at the so many variations in color, although i only have the natives in our garden in the province. At least natives are resistant to conditions and pests, unlike the hybrids

Mark and Gaz said...

That's a beautiful bloom, no wonder you're so fond of it and hibiscus in general. Hibiscus blooms are so exotic and synonymous of the beautiful tropics!

Unknown said...

This is indeed a real beauty. I've not seen this before. I used to grab hold of the latest cultivars whenever it is available in the nursery but the cultivars are prone to diseases and not as resistant to pests.

Bom said...

Beautiful, the shot is so detailed and the color is so vibrant.

klaraau01 said...

What a color, beautiful, thank you for sharing

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