Monday, May 14, 2012

A Bloom Day Show


Its Bloom day again in May and my garden is happy with all the rains we have been getting this May.

The back yard is finally looking good again especially with the back border and new central island.  The back side garden is filled with blooming hibiscus, nasturtiums, impatiens and gardenias.

I just started a batch of nasturtiums and they shot up from the ground very quickly and blooming various yellows, reds and orange blooms.



Tropical Amaranthus Spinosus is really giving us a show this morning.




Here's the central bed again, finally planted in the back yard. Even though there’s no flowers in this bed, its quite colorful with bright bromeliads, succulents and other tropical plants.


At the back side of the central bed are some interesting bromeliads and tillandsias, this one below is a dark maroon with a red inflorescence just starting to branch out.



The side area with the lion has a variety of mini neoregalias, tillandsias and aechmeas, beautiful lighting in the morning, makes them glow in surreal colors.


The front garden is giving a beautiful floral show this today. I love fuchsias and this red/white variety in the vegetable is profuse with blooms.


A tillandsia with a beautiful red/purple inflorescence and purple flower.


Combination plantings with impatiens, croton, geraniums and dracaena.


Facing the home is an island berm with just about to bloom Medinilla Magnifica and Aechmea Blanchetiana.





I love this small bed with black taro, impatiens, crotons, begonias and a huge medinilla about to start blooming.


An orchid cattleya blooming on my lanai.


The side garden is also coming alive with blooms, my banana transplant is already sending out a beautiful blossom.


My red torch ginger is sending out its first bloom in the side garden.


Even the pitcher pants are happy in the side garden with all the rain they have been getting lately.


Lots of anthuriums to greet me this morning in the side shade garden, this one is magicially front lit.


Is this an amazing color on this thin leaved bromeliad?


Another bromeliad all aglow in the late afternoon light with double impatiens blooms.


I really am enjoying spending more time in my garden and starting some big projects. But its also nice to just enjoy time spent outdoors and taking some wonderful shots to document this month’s progress. Hope you enjoyed the tour of my gardens with me this morning.

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africanaussie said...

wow! you have some beautiful color in your garden this month. I love the photo of your pitcher plants.

Muhammad khabbab said...

I have never seen some of the flowers in this post. The orchid is looking good, so are the rest of the flowers. Your garden layout is outstanding as well. happy GBBD.

Unknown said...

Your photography is breath taking.....lovely plants you have.

Cassi said...

Beautiful plants and photos. I have just seen some of the plants in your garden here in our area --in a tropical greenhouse! It's wonderful to see them in a real garden setting.

The Sage Butterfly said...

The colors in your garden are amazing. I am particularly struck by the tropical amaranthus...outstanding!

garden girl said...

Aloha Noel, beautiful blooms, and wonderful photography! Happy Bloom Day!

Unknown said...

You have a collecion of stunning plants. The deep pink bromeliad is very impressive.

Rosie@leavesnbloom said...

These are beautiful combinations especially the geraniums, impatiens, croton and dracaena growing together in that border.

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

love the bromeliad pics... when i was in belize they were growing wild every where. you'd have to watch above for falling ones from high tree limbs...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures !!!! You are so blessed living in a warm climate ! I envy you !!

greetings from Belgium


LindaCTG said...

I'm so envious; your beautiful plants and outstanding photography! Now I'm saving $$ to come to see them in person. For now, I truly love seeing your garden from afar.

Bom said...

Is that a Dyckia I see in a couple of your center garden pictures? What kind is it?

Anonymous said...

Stunning and beautiful flowers and pictures!!

It used to be thought that our love of plants was an impractical but pure passion. But now, in the age of environmental crisis,
we're discovering that gardening is essential to human life.
- Jacqueline Heriteau

Anonymous said...

This may be random, but THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SPECIFYING THESE PLANTS WITH THEIR PHOTOS! I've been looking EVERYWHERE to identify the tillandsia (specifically the tillandsia cyanea), and to identify a plant based on just looks is quite difficult to say the least! I am not a botanist or anything of that field, but a good ol' Google search of the keywords "inflorescence purple flower" led me to this site..! And VOILA! So thanks again!

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