Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Springtime Visit to San Francisco


I love coming to visit the city in spring time when all the wild flowers are blooming. Hard to believe but there is still some beautiful and unspoiled areas around this amazing city preserved so all could enjoyed the wonderful vistas and trails.





It’s a great time to hike along the coastlines and see all the amazing wildflowers in bloom. The park conservancy has done an amazing job of planting all the seeds and seedlings that thrive in a dune environment that once covered a very large portion of San Francisco’s coastal plains.


Beautiful native blue lupines bloom in masses along the coastal areas.





Isn’t it amazing to see California natives thrive in this dune environment, I love all the profusion of flowers surviving on their own. Below, large stands of native yellow lupines light up the shoreline trails.




A close up study.



Set against a backdrop of pines and a beautiful ocean, what more could you

ask for on a sunny spring morning.





I took a lot of daily walks along the coast line while I was visiting family – this area is so beautiful in spite of being in a densely populated and urban environment.





I don’t think I could ever get tired of walking along the coastal trails, not only are the views spectacular, but you get a real workout on walking the various trails.



What a wonderful walk, in fact I think this was a combination of various daily walks along the coastal areas of the Golden Gate Presidio.

So glad I had my camera with me to document these beautiful beaches and coastlines.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing your wonderful pictures!!
- Cheers Gisela

Cheryl said...

your photography is beautiful, wish I could step right inoto the picture with the blue lupines.

Bom said...

Very nice, Noel! We were only able to visit Crissy Field for a while on our way to the bridge. I didn't know about the coast trails. Too bad.

Mark and Gaz said...

Looks like you had a fantastic visit!

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