Sunday, July 29, 2012

La Majorelle


I’m revisiting this beautiful garden again with photos I’m finally completing from my archives, why did I forget about this beautiful garden?  Oh well, I’m glad to rediscover this treasure of Le Jardin Majorelle and the home of Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakesh.


The front entrance has these pink stucco walls with interesting layered and carved motifs fronting a simple fountain. The reflecting pool is lined with beautiful blue, purple and green mosaic tiles and a marble fountain base. It felt very welcoming and intrigued visitors to come into the bamboo grove  with colorful pots in primary colors.


The tall culms of bamboo with colorful pots draw you further into this oasis, I’m shocked to see a whole grove of bamboo in this more typical mediterranean and desert environment.


The collection of cactus and succulents is impressive with large and mature specimens offering large sculptural vignettes.  Here visitors have placed their marks on some cactus away from the usually pestering guards wandering around.


Tall palms and desert cactus give a more realistic appeal to the exotic Moroccan topography.


The signature blue color predominant all over the gardens and villa and gives
Le Jardin Majorelle  instant recognition with its famous blue color.


Totally loving the huge yellow pots with the all blue fountain adding to the exotic
allure of this amazing place.


An enticing courtyard with sitting areas invites you to lounge and admire the views.


More natural sculpture found in the garden.



Here, the signature Majorelle blue predominates this walled garden and is filled with the
heavenly scent of brugmansia or angles trumpet.



A large water lily garden creates layered vistas through the entire garden and all the amazing palm collections growing in the gardens. Its easy to sit on the many benches and contemplate the scenery unfolding before you.


YSL loved his dogs and created many montages that became posters and Christmas cards,
here’s one of my favorites of his dog Moujik.


I’m wearing blue as a tribute this this amazing place, even though its not Majorelle blue.



One of my favorite vistas with a hint of blue from the villa with striking yellow curtains.


Lots of blooms happening with various cactus, here I’ve capture gorgeous blooms from this magnificent specimen.


So glad to discover these photos again and relive my visit to this alluring garden, hope you also enjoyed the tour of Le Jardin Majorelle.


Anonymous said...

Noel, I just love those colors -- especially all those amazing blues. -Jean

ks said...

Whats better than blue ? Beautiful images of a beautiful garden.

Mark and Gaz said...

It's a stunning garden Noel, loved it so much we visited twice whilst in Marrakech a few years ago :)

Bangchik and Kakdah said...

very nice garden indeed....

James David said...

Didn't notice the blue can be so magical & mysterious in colour when added into a garden theme.
The shades of green & blue is so well defined.

James David said...

Didn't notice the blue can be so magical & mysterious in colour when added into a garden theme.
The shades of green & blue is so well defined.

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