Thursday, August 23, 2012

An Orchid Fashion Show in Hawaii

One of the best new events at the Orchid Show this year was a the orchid fashion walk and it was really spectacular to see beautiful women and one orchid creature strut down the runway.

There were all shapes and sizes of orchids worn by Hilo Orchid Society members, donning their best show outfits to complement their flower installations like this beautiful off the shoulder arrangement below.

What a beautiful smile and don't you love the photo with the dendrobiums in the back of her gown, the white against ruby red sets off the orchids perfectly don't you think?

Another beautiful model with victorian regalia and large orchids to match her jewelry.

Here is our victorian lady below with a more proper collection of yellow oncidiums to match her hat,  below you will see her in her orchid garden room.


Whats a fashion show without a bride and this model steals the show with her almost all white orchid ensemble of dendrobium and oncidium orchids...below is a detail shot and complete outfit.


Watch out its a major orchid collection walking down the catwalk!

I love this last photo, it shows how everyone really loves their orchids on their outfits, even zany ones work at this show!

Well that was a first for this year, and hopefully more to come. It was a fun event to see and I hope that you enjoyed our first orchid fashion show.

This is my contribution fertilizer friday, visit here to see other flowers in the world today


BernieH said...

Simply spectacular! What a fun way to show some stunning orchids.

Unknown said...

What a stunning way to showcase orchids. The orchids are really spectacular and so are the women and the lone male on parade. I'm sure the event must be festive. I wish I was there to join in the fun:(

Autumn Belle said...

Very fascinating and creative ideas displayed here. Very nicely done indeed!

Beth said...

Hi Noel, The orchids are just fantastic! I love the bride. Have a good week!

Andrea said...

I love the first photo of a man whose face is but just visible through curtains of orchids! But i love most the patriotism of the women showing their national Filipino dress "the terno" or "baro at saya" decorated with orchids. I wish you have emphasized that!

Bom said...

Looks like everyone had a fun time, especially the models. At the flower show here, we had a gown made entirely of tillandsias but it was displayed on a manequin and not modeled "live".

sharon said...

greatr shots!!!! I so wish I could have been there!!!

DeniseinVA said...

Magnificent shots, all lovely portraits, flowers and photos!

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