Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hilo Orchid Society Show 2012




One of the best orchid shows to experience in Hawaii is at the annual orchid show by the Hilo Orchid Society.  The combination of commercial orchid growers, enthusiasts and orchid lovers makes this one of the must see shows for all orchid lovers.

Every year a new theme is chosen and this year’s title ‘ Islands of Orchids’ creates the lure of these exotic orchids throughout the island chain.  This three day event is jammed packed with educational seminars, musical entertainment and pre-view parties, complete themed displays and of course the opportunity to purchase some of the most exotic, unusual and newer hybrids that are being introduced into the market, many not available in your regular garden centers.

Its definitely worth a visit to put this in your itinerary when visiting Hawaii Island since it's the biggest show in all of the state focused on just orchids.

Here are a few highlights from this year’s events.


Beautiful vignettes created like this one below with a victorian attired model in Hawaiian regalia along with live orchids details on her costume.




Another orchid vignette with an exploding volcano and lava flowing in the midst of this colorful orchid forest below.



I stopped immediately when I saw beautiful light illuminate the petals of these intensely colored cattleyas, making them appear to take flight.




Another grouping of beautifully backlit cymbidiums, making them more vivid and alive.




There were lots of exciting and unusual color combinations to be seen like this vivid hot pink

and maroon cattleya orchid.



More subtle and textural, these vandas give you a moment of calm and respite to the

shocking and bright colors all around the show.



I usually am not fond of pale colored orchids but this light pastel cattleya drew my attention right away…I think the quiet orchids also can demand a lot of attention if you spend the time to look at all their amazing details.




I’m guessing this is a variety of oncidium, unfortunately I did not have anything to write on and I wanted to really just enjoy the flowers and photography at this point.




Another dramatic paphiopedilum variety, I love the showy petals on this beauty.




These paphiopedilum or lady slippers have so much presence and color assaulting me with their strange forms and inviting a more detailed observation.




Following are more unusual or colorful varieties I spotted while walking around the show.



















This years event was truly spectacular. I enjoyed it thoroughly and even sang with our men’s chorus on the weekend event when the general audience attends and the audience enjoyed our music while seeing some amazing flowers.


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sharon said...

ooooo..I wish I could have been there...been a long time since Ive been to hilo.....loved the fringed one

Sandy said...

I am an orchid lover and have them on my front Oak tree.. nothing like your photos but I try!
I would die to be at that show!
Thanks for sharing

The Lazy Composter said...

Aloha! Thank you so much for these photos, these orchids are fantastically beautiful! I love love love the ladies slippers, what an amazing plant.

James David said...

Those orchid collection are truly exotic and very beautiful.

Mark and Gaz said...

Wow Noel, amazing blooms and collection! And even the Victorian lady fits in well with the surroundings :)

Andrea said...

I am sure flower shows are always awesome in Hawaii, being famous for flowers. I am not so fond of Cattleya, but am biased to Vanda and that blue Vanda is not the best it can be. I've seen more fabulous blue Vanda here in Manila shows. I can imagine Music and Orchids wonderfully blend together! Aloha

Bom said...

That is one amazing series of beautiful orchids. I can understand why it is a must see show. I like the idea of music added in. I don't think we've ever had that in any of the local shows, at least not that I recall.
p.s. I don't bother taking notes, I just take a photo of the labels. :-D

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