Monday, March 18, 2013

No GMO, Monsanto must go in Hawaii

Hawaiian rallies and marches are always very colorful and filled with beautiful imagery and passion. Here, a recent protest and rally in Hilo against Monsanto and GMO tested produce grown on the Hawaiian islands are galvanizing many diverse groups of supports to pressure government to start labeling GMO produced products and drive out Monsanto interests on all the islands.

Prior to the rally starting a new planting bed was created in front of Hilo's historic Kamehameha statue and people started to plant Taro or Kalo as it is called in Hawaii - a food staple on the islands.


You cannot help to smile with creative and humorous signage that adds a human dimension

to this type of protest.

Personal signage give a more intimate story of the relevance of the rally and appeal for local government to consider their constituent's priorities.

The hands show what its all about....

A'ole GMO means No GMO

Even the oldest march and create insightful written dialog.

The weird and funny always grabs attention and sense of humor along the parade route.

A very large turnout supports and galvanizes local community to act and be heard, hopefully spurring action and changes within government.

Strength in numbers and positive reinforcement of words and local support inspire marchers along with onlookers. Hopefully this march has created some impact and thought, along with a very colorful display of Hawaiian culture.

For more images of the rally and march, please visit the flickr link below.

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Mark and Gaz said...

Possibly the most unique and fascinating protest march I've ever seen. Lovely!

Unknown said...

A colourful and fun protest. The people's voice is the strongest. With strong leadership to galvanise the people to speak out, the government would have to listen, that is if it still wants to stay in the seat of power.

waikiki surf lessons said...

That's an aesthetic and productive protest, this is the ideal.

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