Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cornerstone = Garden Delight




Such a unique and thrilling experience it is to see such diversity and focus on garden design, art and sculpture, exciting galleries and the outdoor lifestyle all wrapped up into a unique place. This is how I feel about Cornerstone in Sonoma.  This gardening oriented showplace hosts some of the most innovative landscape architects and designers and temporary exhibits in Northern California if not the United states.

On my previous post, I showcased a few of the garden spaces at Cornerstone and now I’ll show you more gardens that peaked my interest with exciting design and new plant concepts.

This relatively newer contemporary space is the work of Delmar McComb is filled with unusual plant combinations (mostly succulents), beautiful hardscaping and sculpture and a focus on biologically diverse, sustainable and innovative spaces. I am completely drawn to this dramatic and yet sensible space filled with exciting succulents and rich plant textures, combinations and colors – it all works so well.













Another newer entry to Cornerstone ,and for some reason I could not find out any information about this installation is this ode to farming with a contemporary twist.  Beautiful beans climb up this metal caged home shell and another boxed frame in front. All around are the lasts remnants of the summer harvest, tomatoes, sunflowers, corn, herbs, grasses and other annuals bringing in some fall color into the space. I was very tempted to pick a few cherry tomatoes and pluck them in my mouth in the last photo.













Fronting the Sonoma hills is the garden from the team Nip Paysage, a Montreal group showing us these fifteen foot Adirondack chairs, beautiful fall daisies and a twisted white picket fence that seems to just run in every strange direction throughout the property.






The children’s garden by MIG is a playful place for children to run, play and build in the garden. It highlights the natural environment and allows interaction and learning with colorful displays, natural materials and plantings showing how and where our food comes from.




Another out of this world garden experience in line more with a mini golf course, in fact golf clubs and balls are included. This space called the Usual Suspects by Martha Swartz consists of nine mini golf courses in a playful and odd combination of layouts with no rules.




Here’s a few more sculpture and art I found on the walks. Amazing form and light really added to enjoying these wonderful displays from the New Leaf Gallery showcasing many contemporary artists.




Cornerstone is such an amazing place to discover new garden designed inspirations, art, food, wine all in a very special place. I hope you take the time to visit this place when you do come to Sonoma or Napa on a wine tasting tour – it will be worth you time to see this.


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Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Okay, I definitely need a bumpy turquoise tree! That is awesome! As are all your pics. It's given me an idea, too. I think I'll paint up a whole bunch of little birdhouses some wintery day. They're awfully cute when squished together like that. :)

Steve Asbell said...

I just recently saw this place on tv! Its always neat to see a fellow blogger/friend visit a place I've wanted to visit myself... its fun to live vicariously!

Carol said...

Fascinating Noel! Too bad the wires could not be put underground . . . breathtaking landscapes. ;>)

Andrea said...

Beautiful designs to choose from and imitate in our gardens, if we have big space. I like the trelises which could have been more awesome when you visited later when they are already fully covered. Do you think those bird feeders are working, meaning do the birds really go there?

Unknown said...

I'm glad you told us those chairs were 15 feet tall - i was questioning my perspective... Thanks for giving the tour.

Self Sagacity said...

Those are fun photos. It was like getting a tour, thanks!

Tootsie said...

I am loving this post! That bumpy tree is fantastic! I feel so lucky to have founded my blog, as it gives me a chance to see the most beautiful spaces in the world! without the posts from all the great gardens all over, I would never have been so lucky to have seen such inspirations!
thanks for linking in this week. I know I have not been around as much as I should be, but I am working on it!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

Cornerstone is a really cool destination... I love heading to Sonoma.

giorno26 ¸¸.•*¨*•. said...

Hi Noel queste sono veramente delle meravigliose piante da fiore !
La zona dove io vivo sono le Marche e vivo in una città che si chiama Montegranaro.
La montagna che vedi è alta 1.400 metri, e dista dalla mia città circa 60 kilometri.
In questa montagna ho una casa dove trascorro i miei momenti liberi...
Felice che ti piaccia.
Buona giornata :))

wnltl said...

Nicce share

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