Friday, January 21, 2011

A Beautiful Art Garden

Everytime I travel to a new location, I always make it a habit to visit a local art center or coop. It really gives me a great impression of what local artists feel about their area and their interpretations of what makes their town or city unique.

Sometimes its a treat when you find a special place that combines art, sculpture and a beautiful garden to encompass all of the wonderful elements in discovering a new area.

This is how I feel when I find something worthwhile or accidentally walk into a place like the Mendocino Art Center - an amazing place that combines art, music, theather and other creative endeavors into a beautiful center. While I was viewing the wonderful artwork in the galleries, I saw their calendar of amazing performances and classes being offered in the spring, and I was really tempted to come back and spend more time in this area and take a ceramics or watercolor class. (Wished we had something like this in East Hawaii) I can just be a spunge and feel all the creative juices flowing while I'm in an inspiring place like Mendocino which really is a special place for art.

Big picture windows with views to the gardens were luring me out after tiring from all the visual stimuli. I couldn't wait to see some fantastic interplay of art with flora.

I just had to rush out and take a picture of these giant sunflowers, I would love to tuck these into my suitcase to take back home to Hawaii.... I'm sure they would look amazing when the blue echiums in this section start to bloom.

I've always dreamed about doing a driftwood sculpture, this piece just takes it to another level - isn't it just the most creative piece - made with found objects!

Mosaics like this are perfect in this environment and can weather this cool and moist area - I love the colorful display even when the garden is asleep in winter.

Strangely, the giant aeoniums, match this little head so well in the garden and the spent blooms of the lavendar add more texture to this assemblage.

 This sleeping bust, fits in so well to this rose shrub, some thoughful care has been spent to sighting the sculptures well to the garden.

Another mosaic piece with some robust succulents that do very well in this area. I love this vignette.

Garden critters are abundant in this garden also, and you can take them all home for a souvenir.

 This amazing bench really make a statement, it just commands this area, don't you just love it?

  - another critter lurking in the shady areas of this garden, I think its a little shy of visitors.

Isn't this a sweet place, I could hang out in this garden for a bit and think about making some beautiful art in my garden also. Hope you enjoyed the tours of Mendocino -its time to head back into the city.

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Mark and Gaz said...

The mosaics and some of the sculptures are amazing, I wouldn't mind having some of those here!

Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!

Pas de blabla... Juste des photos said...

Wow !!! Fantastic. I put too, in my blog some sculptures for garden.
Great post.

Alison said...

You found some amazing garden sculptures to photograph! I love mosaics, and I admire the people who can make them so much, it's an incredible talent (which I lack).

But my favorite here is the horse's head made out of driftwood. That is so cool!

Great post!

Megan said...

I love it! We'll have to check it out next time we're up there. That bench is straight up amazing!

Beth said...

Great sculptures - I especially like the horse. Hope all is well with you in paradise!

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

How wonderful! I love the driftwood horse head and the metal bench, though I'm not sure how comfortable the latter would be.

Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Noel;
These are fantastic. I have always wanted to try my luck at a mosaic garden table. You're inspiring me to dust off that dream...

Rosie Gan said...

This is my first visit to your blog, and won't be my last.Looks like I've found another yard-art enthusiast!

Kathy said...

This is amazing! I could imagine a leisurely stroll through this fantastic garden - such interesting detail,

Johnny Nutcase said...

i absolutely love the tiles in the first photo - how fun! reminds me of a nature center I used to work at. Really cool. I love the ladybug and the little guy in the last photo too. So much creative art!

fer said...

Great place to visit! loved the horse

Rebecca @ In The Garden said...

So many beautiful and interesting pieces. Looks like a special place to visit. :)

John said...

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