Friday, October 7, 2011

Butterfly Portraits




There you are sitting on that stunning flower….can you hold for a sec…..





Oh too fast – I just want to take a pict….


                  Again too fast for me to get you in focus


                                  please stay awhile.






Ah -  you are a pretty one – will you pose for me please?

                   Thank you

                       you are a beauty






           Wow you are stunning with your orange wings -


                                the light is magical


                                       and that flower does look so inviting…..







                                Okay, there’s enough for two to share – take it easy now…

                                                                I do want get both of you in for your portraits!




                Beautiful, now hold the pose for me.

                                      Its perfect …. you’re a natural.





I’m enjoying the time visiting and just watching you sitting there.


                        this just made my morning, thanks for dropping by and greeting me.


Indie said...

Beautiful!! Butterflies just make for such gorgeous shots!

HolleyGarden said...

Cute post! I do wish butterflies would pose a little longer for me. Yours are trained quite nicely! Pretty ones, too.

BernieH said...

Smashing shots of some absolutely lovely butterflies.

Andrea said...

Hi Noel, you have not been posting for a while, and when you did again, they are amazing. I can't pin that first butterfly for just a moment to shoot, amazing it allowed you to! wonderful poses! But that orange one I think is really an unusual delicate pose!

Kathy said...

These creatures never cease to amaze me. What beautiful captures. The striped butterfly is striking. I especially love the orange on orange - as though it is blooming from the flower itself.

Solitude Rising said...

beautiful subject and great composition too, especially the orange butterfly, but i like them all.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

Nice subjects, nice shots!

Janet said...

Noel, these are just such exquisite photographs with wonderful lighting. Ps

Andrea said...

Wow Noel, those are lovely photos of lovely butterflies. I most specially love that orange photo, but i love the butterfly with red markings. It's good you were able to pin them as if in cue! Is it from a butterfly house?

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