Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Garden Bloom Day Tour in Orchidland


Its been awhile since I’ve done a garden tour for garden bloom day. Maybe, its because of all the new garden projects happening at the same time. I’m currently  re-working and creating new areas in the front, side, and back garden, oh and yes even the ‘ jungle area ‘.

Needless to say, I’m not ready to show you the mess being created outside of the work I’ve been doing on the side garden if anyone has followed the progress for that inspiration.


It’s a little too much trying to work on all these areas by myself. But initially when I get in the mood, I have to tap into this energy immediately or else it gets diverted to many other outside interests. That can easily occur in Hawaii when there are so many distractions to do other things than spending time weeding and mowing the lawn.

A sweet vignette with my ceramic cocqui frog.


Let me show you some of the more presentable parts of the garden and flowers in bloom this March in Orchidland.

A small Rock berm in the front yard with tilsandia, bromeliads, crotons, strobilanthes and dracaenas.

The front garden has been getting a major re-do, below are the areas being reworked.
A front yard view from the house with new berms and variegated pandanus and ohia trees in the background.


Bedding plants along the front walk way to the house and flowers in the next few pictures.


Geraniums, ti, crotons, vireya, dracaena, ferns, and various impatiens line the front beds.


One of my favorite hibiscus blooms, its so large its drooping, say hello to hibiscus ‘Mountain Air’




I’m starting to like the hot pinks and purples in the front garden against my yellow house.



Anthuriums are always blooming and I never have to do anything to them.



The Back yard is getting a major re-do but I’ll just show you a small area on the right side that is somewhat presentable. Last year, it was basically jungle and is being brought back into view able range from the house.


The larger hibiscus to the right of the mosaic has these beautiful candy cane-like flowers below.


A good portion of the back, back area and the jungle are filled with these pretty pink ground covers, but beware, they can really climb up a shrub or tree and cover them completely in no time!


Well that’s a small look at the new things happening on my garden, thanks for coming to visit and hope you enjoyed the tour.

To visit other gardens around the world on bloom today go to


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

I am jealous! So colorful and cheerful!!! Hibiscus Mountain Air is the best!

BernieH said...

I'm loving all the hot pinks and purples in your front garden too. Those Impatiens are brilliant. 'Mountain Ash' is just gorgeous. What a colour. All the plantings look colourful and eye-catching.

africanaussie said...

wow your garden is lovely and lush! that mountain air hibiscus is gorgeous! You have lots of the same types of plants as I do. I like the way you have used the volcanic rock in amongst the plantings, and as borders.

Mª Zélia said...

Lindíssima orquídea e um maravilhoso jardim!
Amigo, cuidar de uma jardim é um verdadeiro sacerdócio... Mas o esforço é generosamente recompensado!
Ver a transformação, o grande fenômeno que as plantas criam na nossa vida e no ambiente é insuperável!!!
Continue nos dando esta alegria em ver suas belas plantas e flores.
Abraços ✿

Mark and Gaz said...

The garden is looking fantastic, gorgeous tropical plants!!

Lea said...

Beautiful plants!
Such fantastic colors!
Thanks for you visit and comment on my blog.
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!
Lea's Menagerie

Marisa said...

You have some wonderful plantings, and I love the colour combinations, especially the purple strobilanthes and the corally orange tones of New Guinea impatiens.

LINDA from Each Little World said...

I love the color of that drooping HIbiscus. And your house color really makes all your flower and leaf colors pop!

HolleyGarden said...

What wonderful blooms - and foliage too! Such a wide range of colors and textures - gorgeous! Good luck on all your projects!

Phillip Oliver said...

Wow, to be able to grow those tropical plants! So many interesting ones. Thanks for sharing!

The Sage Butterfly said...

There is so much going on in your garden...and so lovely! The color on that hibiscus is so beautiful, so different...muted, soft. I love it! Happy GBBD!

Dorothy Borders said...

Just wonderful! I do so admire your garden. And your photography.

Christine @ The Gardening Blog said...

I really love your foliage combinations. Your garden is really beautiful.

Solitude Rising said...

A very enviable garden. And considering that the redo is not yet complete, this is already a huge accomplishment. The diversity of plants in your garden is amazing.

Mark and Gaz said...

Fantastic pictures - I loved the blue frog :)

HELENE said...

Beautiful garden, and so many plants I could just dream of growing. I did have a hibiscus though some years ago, a hardy hibiscus, which grows very well here in London, but last time we had drought it died from lack of water. I was really sorry I could not save it because I was given it as a present, it was a Hibiscus syriacus 'Helene', same name as me! Thanks for commenting on my post and Happy Bloggers Bloom Day :-)

Kathy said...

So lush, so colorful, so well, tropical! Beautiful. I love that Mountain Air Hibiscus. The color is fantastic. Also love all the sculptural details in your garden including that wonderful frog. The way you've edged your bed with the local stone is great.

Unknown said...

I envy the tropicals you get to grow year round.

Megan said...

So many beautiful colors and textures going on! Gorgeous pics :)

Amy Farrier said...

Must be amazing to have a tropical jungle garden! Sigh. Love all the greens and deep pinks/purples. And lushness.

LindaCTG said...

Oh, not a jungle at all, though it's interesting to see your perspective on that. It's simply luscious and lovely. I so wish I were there. You are very lucky! Dreamy place, garden, and beautiful photographs.

greggo said...

a tropical cottage garden. very nice.

Unknown said...

Your garden is most colourful and exciting.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

Hi Noel: I like your selection of plants for the various beds. Do Impatiens grow year-round for you? The Hibiscus plants are incredible! Great photos, too!

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