Monday, April 9, 2012

The Hibiscus are Blooming

'Dragon's Eye' in bloom.

Well its always a colorful show with my hibiscus beauties here in Hawaii. After a rainy night, I get a profusion vivrant blooms bursting with color. I would love to show you my favorite hibiscus blooms, a beautiful collection of unusual and exciting hybrids.

This almost tree like shrub that was by the front doorway was moved to the side garden as a barrier shrub and it is finally developing its green foliage again after dropping all its leaves from being transplanted. Here are the first few blooms coming back again after the move.... I'm so happy its coming back again!

The front yard is looking really good and I have a few stunning hibiscus plants in bloom this morning. Here's another beautiful bloom coming from hybrid 'Mountain Air'.

My beautiful 'Yoda' sent out another bloom this morning, but this time it was a single instead of a double flower that it usually displays. Even so, its still spectacular!

One of my dependables 'Starfish Pie' shows off its bright orange/red burst of color along the front yard pathway.

I don't remember the name of this hibiscus  I purchased from a grower selling at our local farmers market, but its one of my regular year round bloomers. The white and red throat is quite attractive, don't you agree?

Here's a close up detail of this beauty below

Its strange that I'm starting to enjoy more pinks and shocking pinks all around my garden, which was a color I 'm not typically fond of. But in a tropical garden, this color works well especially with a hot pink hibiscus flower like this one in my front yard.

I'm always happy when I see these blooms when I walk around the garden every morning, its like visiting old friends.  I'm so glad to have dependable plants that add so much color to my tropical garden all the time. I guess thats one of the reason's why I love hibiscus plants, I think I need to add more to my collection, wouldn't you agree?


BernieH said...

You've got a lovely collection so far, but I know that given just how many beautiful colours there are these days, it will be hard to resist adding more.

My favourite is definitely the unknown, with its red and white throat, but you know I'm a big fan of the red flowering Hibiscus. You are right about the hot colours in tropical areas though. They certainly pop!

James David said...

Hibiscus is a common site around my region where these shrubs are planted along the roadside.
But yours truly got that mysterious - glorious look - that dash of black on the petals adds depth into the flower.
They are truly lovely and a marvel to have in a collection

Mark and Gaz said...

Stunning blooms Noel! We're hoping to visit Hawaii next year :)

Bom said...

Beautiful Noel. I wish I could see your garden. It must be so colorful.

Unknown said...

Your collection of hibiscus is really stunning. We do have them here but not as breathtaking as yours. I particularly like the orange and red variety

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