Monday, May 7, 2012

Back Yard Center Island Progress



I’m loving this new center island berm in the back yard, its set in classic display and will be filled with an eclectic grouping of tropical plants  and succulents.

Below you see the urn has the white bromeliad, Alacanterea Oderata with a circle of red thin leaved dracaenas around the rim.




More progress is happening at a faster pace now, I’ve started planting the front portion by the cherub below.




Here’s a better shot of the lower grassy area with the jungle in the background that is being reclaimed.




In the front section with the fish fountain, I’ve planted an interesting collection of echeverias, black mondo grass, purple heart and mini aechmea starlight along with two yellow aechmea blanchetiana as acccents.








I’ve completed the stone surround and have filled it with crushed lava rocks, now the plantings around the sides and back of the bed are starting to take place. I’m planting a variety of different bromeliads and minis around the lions below.


The mini red bromeliads called neoregelia’Scarlet Charlotte’ adds a nice contrast to the variegated ‘Wee Willy’, a rose colored aechmea and behind the lions are variegated white/green neoregelia sp.




The other side with a portion of the back area which is still in progress, I haven’t decided what to put in the back outside of these variegated white and green bromeliads, I’m looking for some interesting texture like dyckias which I think will work well but I have to do some nursery shopping, or hopefully visit a friend’s garden for some freebies.




Well that’s taking place very nicely in the lower garden. Now take a look below and see what else is waiting for me in the back yard.  I’m sure it will be a real long work in progress even at this stage were most of the jungle crowded with thick vines, junky trees and shrubs have already been weed whacked and partially taken out. The area that used to be a vegetable garden is finally coming back but I’m not really sure what will be in this space because there is no access to watering from a hose to this area and I’m not about to carry water in buckets to the growing plants here. What do you think, any suggestions for this space?




Okay time to get outside and pull more vines and weeds from this area, it’s a dirty job and I’ve got a lot of weeds to get rid off. Stay tuned for more updates.


africanaussie said...

gosh you have been busy - I love that island you have created with the benches surrounding the garden. I suppose you are tired of all that lava rock, but to me it looks very different. I love how it accents with the lighter colored lime green bromeliads.

Mark and Gaz said...

You're doing a fantastic job there Noel!

Autumn Belle said...

I really like the stone figures which add a magical touch to your garden.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I think we need to come visit you soon :-)


jpotuchek said...

Noel, Your new island is looking wonderful. I just love this stage of a project, when after all the heavy lifting, you get to put the plants in and see the very satisfying results. It's just what we gardeners need to give us motivation to go on to the heavy lifting stage in the next garden project :-). -Jean

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