Friday, May 4, 2012

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii



Wearing or making leis today is special as the first day in May is our lei day and lei celebrations happen throughout the islands.



There are so many different types of leis from very simple strands to very elaborate displays.



Of course, the scented leis like the plumerias below just add to the special feeling and smell of wearing one of these beautiful leis today.





Orchid leis below are made with many flowers and are colorful and dramatic to wear.




Its fun to have events and tokens to celebrate days like Lei Day in Hawaii. Have a great May lei day!

I’m sharing this on fertilizer Fridays, to see more inspiring gardens today go visit


azplantlady said...

Hi Noel,

I love all the different designs of the leis. Your photos are fantastic!

Believe it or not, plumeria grows in the desert - although not as well as in tropical climates :-)


Sonia said...

Gorgeous! MaKes me want to get on a plane and come to Hawaii! I lived on Oahu for 4 years as a child..I think that's why I love flowers so much now that I'm landlocked! We used to make leis from the plumerias in our yard. Good memories! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures!
Miss Bloomers

Sandy said...

Your photos are just spectacular and I can't imagine all the work that go's into making the lei's....
thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your kind comments..I had to laugh at your "we use chain saws" here in Hawaii... My daughter is on her way there from Guam next week and always loves seeing the floral in your state.. especially the little birds that are in the grass.. maybe one day I'll get to Hawaii..
thanks again

BernieH said...

Wow, such intricate work! These are fantastic creations.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

The leis are bbeautiful as is Hawaii. I haven't been there in a long time but it is a unique memory no place on earth like it.


Andrea said...

You have fantastic photos Noel, and they depict real wonderful creativity. I haven't heard any country which make leis just like that of Hawaii. Amazing. I have a new blog, so i failed to link here as i normally do, as my concentration is still there, haha!...Andrea in this Lifetime

Autumn Belle said...

Happy Lei Day! I remember you have this everyday and it is so nice to get a glimpse of the Hawaiian culture. The patterns are so intricate and beautiful.

Bom said...

Very nice, Noel. I'm more familiar with the orchid leis so the others were a nice surprise.

James David said...

Amazing to note that many people in your place really take the time and the trouble to perfectly wove a lie with these beautiful flowers.

Garlands such as these are very expensive and rarely made so beautifully such as these.

Beth said...

Hi Noel, How beautiful the leis are! I was only familiar with the plumeria blossom leis. All are stunning, and the top one is just amazing. What craftsmanship!

John said...

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