Monday, June 11, 2012

Emeryville Community Garden


While visiting family in Alameda, I happened onto this sweet community garden in Emeryville.


Titled ‘Big Daddy’s Complete Rejuvenating Community Garden, City of Emeryville’, this place really puts a smile on your face. The founder who is an artist and professional welder, placed many colorful and whimsical structures throughout the garden, adding a fresh and funny twist to this wonderful garden.

They grow huge sunflowers in this garden bed.


All the flowers and vegetable beds are built up on beds with amended soil placed in, irrigation lines are placed for daily unsupervised watering of the beds.


This beautiful tulip pagoda, caught my eye immediately, I loved the color combination and whimsy of this piece, wish I could take this home with me to put in my garden.


Flowers and vegetables are placed into the mixed beds and create colorful arrangements.


A combination of follies and imaginative towers create height  and whimsy in this garden.


Sculpture add modern elements to this section of the garden, the red gate type structure behind has a string of butterflies placed into the design.


Wildflowers like these naturtiums, salvias and catmint bloom in planters and other beds throughout the garden.


This poultry prison filled with plastic hens, made me chuckle – I loved seeing humor sprinkled throughout the garden.


A side detail of the foul prison and the caged birdies.


I love these metal sculpture pieces, creating another graphic element to this section of the garden.


Fresh vegetables ready to be harvested, the beautiful colors add all the art in the garden.


Interesting shadows spill onto the concrete next to these nasturtiums and gazania.


There used to be an auto body shop located on this spot called ‘Big Daddy’, hence the name of this zany garden.


Certain areas are cordoned off in chicken wire to prevent domestic animals and other wildlife from entering.


A wall of these beautiful black eyed susans line this wall and adding a punch of orange.


This was a fun visit. I’m sure it must be wonderful place for the community to join in, trade or share their harvest and stories. I would have loved to meet more of the gardeners enjoy talking about their love of gardening.


Mark and Gaz said...

A quirky photologue! So many fun and unusual structures there :)

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Small world! We lived in Alameda for 10 years before moving further down the coast. I honestly had no idea this garden existed. It looks like fun! Next time I'm heading past Emeryville, I'll be sure to stop by!

Donna said...

This really is a happy place. Very creative and colorful too. My husband is a welder and I could never get him to do something like this.

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