Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Coconut Island Fun


Summer at last, time to enjoy the simple pleasures.

……like playing in the water and doing crazy fun things




….like jumping from towers into warm waters below





…..or sleeping underneath a large and cool tree.





and looking up at the leaves in the trees and noticing all the fine details, aren’t they dazzling?






Along the Hilo bay front is a little island filled with coconut trees sweetly named coconut island. you cross by a long bridged pathway to a grassy area filled with picnic spots, little beach coves and the jumping tower. When its hot, its easy to find cool shade underneath the large autograph trees with their huge fan leaves.


   Its so nice to enjoy days like this in Hawaii


             ….just a simple day exploring and having some fun.


Andrea said...

Hi Noel, yes it is fun doing those things although i cannot do that. Jumping on the water hasn't been my thing even when a kid. I've been to Hilo stayed in the hotel near the beach and i still remember all those long breakwaters protruding to sea. I wonder what happens without them!

Lona said...

Hi Noel. Now that looks like the perfect spot to be on this hot hot summer. That is a gorgeous shot with the light filtering through the leaves. Gorgeous! Hope you are having a nice summer.

sharon said...

beautiful Noel...I long for the big island...!!

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