Monday, July 16, 2012

An Estate in Papaikou


On a visit to a gorgeous estate in Papaiko with the Hawaii Island Palm Society. We are walking through an old Hawaiian estate with an extensive palm collection along with other beautiful flora.

The main gate is impressive with large bronze bamboo like stems curving in many directions and sweeping around large lava rock pillars which secure an entry gate for walking through.



After passing through the gate, we are facing a beautiful moss covered lava rock wall graced by this Ganesh with interesting purple leaved elder.


The main driveway is quite grand and dotted with beautiful statuary, pots and mature palms along with these stands of variegated miniature ficus trees.


Tall palms line the driveway accented with red ti and mondo grass.


I love seeing this vignette with the moss covered lava rocks and mondo grass next
to this variegated ficus.


A bigger view of the expansive driveway.


Large chinese pots are used for a water garden filled with water lillies and bromeliads
surrounding the pot below.


Towards the end of the driveway from the house, two huge urns grace another rock wall with tree ferns adding tall lacy details from their fronds.



Facing the main home is this balinese inspired entry to the interior garden with orchids
attached to the intricate stonework.


A beautiful sitting area for meditation or conversation, it was a perfect spot for the group
to picnic with the food served in the large pavilion next door.


A cycad detail with its huge cone prominent and projecting a sharp, textured pineapple like top.

A beautiful and deadly detailed shot of an unusual palm.


There are orchids growing everywhere along the various palms on the property, they
are pretty effortless growing in these environments.




The interior garden with covered pergolas leading to the main house.


I’m fond of these obake type anthuriums, there’s a whole collection growing along the interior garden facing the main home. Each flower is large, at over a foot and a half in length.


Walking through this densely planted area of palms, we happen onto this rare palm Johannesteijsmannia Altifrons from Borneo. You can see from the scale, the leaves are huge!


I spot a small stand of birds of paradise, I’m always fond of taking pictures of the colors
and shapes from these beautiful flowers.


A stairway leading down to the lower gardens with Licuala Grandis providing shade along the pathways.


We finally make it to the large grassy area in the lower garden, filled with fruit trees like abiu, mountain apples, mangosteen and lychee.


A detail shot of pods developing on this palm, I love all the texture on the pods.


This place is a truly magical botanical garden  filled with amazing plants. I’m glad I had a chance to visit with the palm society and take some wonderful photos.

Thanks for taking the tour with me, to visit other gardens for bloom day today go to


Desert Dweller said...

Thank you...and to think we call this our monsoon season in the desert SW! I needed that dose of dripping greenery.

The progression of moss covered boulders under the trees really grabbed my eye, as did the various scenes of palms and red ti. If I had to pick two photos, that is...

Mark and Gaz said...

What a stunning looking estate Noel, so exotic and inspirational!

Bom said...

Wow! That is one truly amazing garden! How big is the estate? Is it open to the public or were you on a special tour?

Marisa said...

Thanks so much for sharing this magnificent garden, Noel. It reminds me a little of the 2 Bawa brothers' garden I viisted in Sri Lanka last year - Brief Garden and Lunuganga. Love the photo of the blue and white Chinese water garden.

africanaussie said...

what a lovely tour! I loved the moss covered rocks in the mondo grass, then the giant anthirium, and then those huge palms - Oh gosh I loved the whole tour. thank you for sharing that.

Roslyn said...

This garden reminds me that great gardens get more beautiful as they age. It's wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Andrea said...

Aloha Noel, i echo Missy's comment here. It's already an old one but they keep on adding new plants. I wonder if there are months when those mosses dry up. The humidity really looks so even throughout the year. I love everything most especially the gate, oh how i want to have something like that in our own!

PatMason said...

Wow what a lovely place! Thanks for sharing. Makes me want to visit!

Anonymous said...

Noel, How lucky for us to be taken on this virtual tour by a talented photographer who could show us just how breathtakingly beautiful this estate is! I echo the exclamation already used by others; wow!! -Jean

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