Monday, July 9, 2012

Filoli Re-visited



Part two of my Filoli visit was filled with more garden rooms to explore. After walking through  the knot garden with beautiful sprays of lavender, santolina, rosemary and chrysanthemums,  we walked quickly through the small potager garden, most of the harvest were being utilized for the café menu.








The cutting gardens were extensive, most covered with chicken wire and different cages to deter the wildlife, unfortunately, I was only able to take two photos of this area.



A detailed poppy shot with bees fluttering everywhere.





We entered a shady dell where the tennis court is located but mainly used now for rental and outdoor functions. A small stand of white dogwoods where in full display along the walled court.







We passed quickly through this blue garden with a central sundial as a focus with potted pansies.




The pool area is very simple with brick walkways and large potted digitalis flowers in full bloom.



The borders along the pool contained elevated beds of California poppies and other

springtime annuals.





Heading back towards the side of the main house are views back to the garden room with large chinese pots filled with purple clematis. 


The other side of the same fence was lined with deep yellow roses with the clematis spilling over from the large pots.



Almost hand sized red poppies were clustered in beds next to the yellow roses, I’ve never seen poppies this large, I should have used my hand in the photograph to give some perspective.




Along with the outside garden tour, there is also a nice tour of the inside, much of the interior furnishings were sold off, but there were a few original pieces that have been donated back to the organization to fill out most of the interior spaces.


I love pictures looking out and making a silhouette of the doors.



In most of the rooms, gorgeous floral displays were set in prominent areas utilizing the flowers from the cutting gardens. Volunteers expertly create large and amazing floral vignettes.



The main dining room below.



I love crystal chandeliers like this elaborate beauty below.




Another sublime display in monochromatic shades of orange.




Again another display of different orange colored blooms, I actually love monochromatic mixtures, what do you think?



A detailed study of alstroemerias below



One last peek into the walled gardens before I head out to the gift shop.



This was such a fun visit, I loved all the time spent in the gardens and inside the home. If you have a chance to visit the Bay Area, you won’t be disappointed in taking the time to visit Filoli in Woodside.


Bom said...

Beautiful Noel. Would have loved to visit this place when I was last there. So many beautiful gardens to visit. So little time. Thank you for sharing your visit with us.

Andrea said...

thanks Noel, that certainly is a wonderful tour. This time i love the last photo so much.

Gaz said...

Wonderful photos, really enjoyed this trip with you!

sharon said...

wonerful as always....please mention which Isnad and what part of the island these place are thanks

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