Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hilo Orchid Show



I’m always giddy at around this time frame when the Hilo Orchid show is begins, it is truly one of the biggest and most exotic of Orchid Shows in Hawaii.  Surprisingly, I was not done finishing last years images which was quite a spectacular show, so I’m presenting it now before the next show begins.



I’m glad I got a chance to finally finish these and present some of the showstoppers from last years event especially since the new show is just around the corner.





There are some amazing orchid growers on Hawaii Island, along with plenty of serious enthusiasts and collectors that are creating with some fantastic new hybrids and incredibly colorful specimens.




Dazzling displays like the showcases above blend in a profusion of colors and different orchid varieties.






The colors are always over the top and so unusual in color combinations like this cattleya orchid with hot yellow and white petals with soft purple lips.




Almost alien looking and bright orange masdevallia orchids pop dramatically against this blue background, don’t they look totally out of this world?




I love this showcase with a Southeast asian tropical flair with hot pink, red and orange dendrobium and epidendrums and miltonias.




I was lucky to come later in the afternoon and beautiful light filtered into the stadium and creating beautiful backlit portraits like this one orchid spray below.


Here’s the front to the backlit










An almost alien looking specimen about to lift off!










Another alien looking masdevallia orchid.




I’m a sucker for these gorgeous brassavola orchids.





Backlit and stunning don’t you agree?




Another grouping of cattleya lit but the late afternoon light, its truly dazzling to see.





Last, are some intense yellow paphiopedilum or lady slipper orchids end this amazing show at Hilo.





It is always fun to visit this yearly event and be wowed by the colorful displays, orchid vignettes and new hybrids that are being presented.  When you are visiting the Big Island, try to make it to see this wonderful event.


sharon said...

Oh OH oHhhhh!!! yes yesyes....eeee that was amazing!!!

James David said...

Really enjoyed the beautiful way you had captured them in your lense.
The way the flowers are truly out of the world and magically presented.
Thanks for sharing.

antigonum cajan said...

The most documented garden in the Caribbean, with over 100 species is not in your list. Please make the correction.


Liza said...

So beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Noel!

Anonymous said...

Such amazing forms and colors, Noel. Your photographs are wonderful! -Jean

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