Monday, November 16, 2009

Bits of my Weekend....

I wanted to work on the blog and since I want this to be a more visually oriented site, I have been tweeking the site and trying to understanding how to change formats, post larger pictures and make it look better. Well that was my intent, but trying to figure out how to do this and tinker with my limited html knowledge made this a little tricky, and for some reason alot of the suggestions that I followed with various tutorials never seem to work out well...who says you can actually do alot of things effectively with web tutorials( I would prefer a live demo please?)

Did alot of things on the weekend around the garden and around East are some excerpts.

From farmers market

Picked up a beautiful Orchid at the farmers market for $4

From simplicity

Made a nice banana smoothy with bananas a friend dropped over.

From sustainable show

Went to a self sustainability show and talked with the Master Gardeners and their fruit fly erradication programs....a big problem here in East Hawaii.

From A Plant Whore in Hawaii

Started more cuttings of this beautiful coleus plant which i love for its colors and variegations.

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