Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lets go do this......any takers?

This would be a fun fantasy garden tour...wanna come and join me and my friend Martha for a nice Lunch at her farm in Bedford, New York? Boy,  if this wasn't such a long flight from Hawaii.....sigh....:(


Bring five of your friends to Cantitoe Corners, Martha’s home in Bedford, New York for the exclusive opportunity to tour Martha’s legendary gardens with her and gardener Shaun Kass. Afterwards, Martha will host a picturesque lunch on the farm for you and your friends.

Terms: Includes: a tour for six of Martha Stewart's gardens in Cantitoe Farm, Martha's home in Bedford, led by Martha and her personal Gardner, Shaun Kass. Based on a mutually agreeable time.

Estimated Auction value $10,000.....any takers?

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