Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How to start a potager garden on pure solid lava rock.

I was planning my potager garden in East Hawaii which I have been dreaming about since I had just ripped a small portion of the property. This parcel is made entirely of pure solid lava rock, with small cracks that grasses, shrubs and trees have rooted themselves successfully and survived...The entire starting process has been slow and I have solely been responsible for moving around the endless supply of rocks. I have initially creating some hardscaping projects like rock walls, rock walkways, rock beds...everything rock, rock, rock (seems like an endless supply), as you can see this is a really daunting project considering there is no soil, or nutrients or mulch but pure lava rock...

Needless to say I needed to take my time, reflect and get inspiration from many resources, gardens, nursery jaunts and online browsing. I found this cool video on YouTube that really put me back in the groove and really get this project jump started.

This will be a series of new projects and updates on the potager garden from start to present.

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