Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here's to Wishing You Warmer Thoughts Through THe Cold Winter Holidays

It seems to be cold and icy wind conditions are making daily activities very uncomfortable and even difficult, from what I'm hearing friends and family are saying about the frigid winter weather across a large segment of the mainland from the west coast to the east.

Here's to wishing you warm thoughs from our Islands to give you some respite from the icy temperatures, at least through a virtual tropical experience with some beautiful tropical flora.

Enjoy our warm water and beaches..


Vine said...

Thank you for your warm Christmas greeting. Hawaii is breathtaking and your photography is absolutely stunning. Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones and friends.


lostlandscape (James) said...

I feel warmer already. Thanks for sharing the great orchid photos!

Noelle Johnson said...

Hello Noel,

Well, you have certainly warmed up my cold toes watching your beautiful video. Thank you :0)

Christine B. said...

That beaches video is the last straw. I have GOT to get to Hawaii this winter! Thanks for the virtual warm weather.

Christine in Alaska

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