Friday, December 18, 2009

Lets Try Some Exotic Fruit at the Farmers Market.

I'm traveling to another local farmers market in Hilo Town on the Big Island to explore and taste some of our more exotic fruits that we have to offer on the Island. There are alot of fruit growers on the island and the farmers market here in Hilo is the largest. It is open seven days a week, but it is the most active on Wednesdays and Saturdays when they also have the adjoining facility open for tourist gifts and other local handi-crafts.

Here are some of the more exotic and not so unusual fruits we currently have in season.

Come and try this Mamey Sapote, it has red flesh with creamy and sometimes grainy texture that tastes like bananas and yogurt combined, very subtle flavors.

This is a Rambutan fruit which grows in clusters and is a similar fruit to the lychee. The fruit tastes like a more flavorful lychee and has a flowery aroma.

Oh, you should try this one, its one of my favorites called a atemoya, doesn't it look scaly and daunting. The flesh is very creamy and tastes like a pineapple, guava and banana combination, and its smells heavenly.

Here's another favorite of mine called Rollinias, the flesh is white and soft custardy. A combination tast of guava, banana and passion fruit.

Have you ever seen this fruit? Its called an egg fruit, boy the flavors on this one are a little bit harder to describe, kind of like a combination of a plum and papaya

Here's another unusual fruit that is in season called an abiu, it has a large seed and the flesh is white and creamy, again a mix of plum and pineapple flavors.

Oh, we get alot of fruit from this tree when its in season, its called a star fruit and most restaurants use this typically as a garnish because it cuts up perfectly into a start shape, the fruit is pretty mellow, like a crunchy apple

Wow, that was a lot to sample, wasn't that great, now you know what to pick up on your own when you come over to visit the farmers market in Hilo Town, aloha.


Carol said...

Thanks for that sampling of the fruits in your farmers market! Amazing variety and each fruit is as beautiful as a flower. Wish I could have picked up some of those samples!! Carol

Anonymous said...

How interesting. I've never seen most of these. Thanks for sharing the photos.

Noelle Johnson said...

Hi Noel,

Out of all of these exotic fruit selections you have provided for us, I have only seen Star Fruit. Many of these remind me of the exotic fruit I saw in China.

Anonymous said...

Noel, I love the new name and look of your blog -- and all those tropical fruits look scrumptious! -Jean

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel, Talk about a guilt-free indulgence! One of the many perks of living in the tropics.

Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...

Hello there Noel

I only recognise one of those - the star fruit is sold in our supermarket tho I have never tried it. Its a real education over on your blog. I am gonna add you to my list

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