Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Saturday Walk Around Hilo Bay


My friend Devany (A fantastic food blogger) and I take regular walks around the Hilo bay front early in the morning. Your welcome to join us if you feel like seeing some of the bay this morning and doing some brisk walking, I promise it will be a great walk.

Here's where we usually start along the bay front. This is where all the canoe clubs in Hilo keep their large canoes so the teams can practise along the bay, its a big sport here.

Its a very pretty warm day today and just a few clouds in the sky.

 We cross a few bridges along our hike and even go to a little island off the point called Coconut Island and of course its filled with coconut trees.

Aren't the views here beautiful? Everyone seems to be out on the water today.

There's a large schooner that just came into the bay a few days ago and makes a striking contrast to the mountains.

I love walking pass these dramatic autograph trees everytime we pass by Coconut Island.


I know they have alot of old stories to tell, please tell me?

We also walk next to this beautiful Japanese Garden adjoining the bay front, its really beautiful at different times of the day. I'll have to do a separate post on this park soon!

Well we usually do our two laps around the park and Coconut Island so time to head on back to our cars...alot of shopping to do at the Hilo Farmers Market this morning also.

Thanks for joining us on our walk, it was fun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Noel~~ Thank you for inviting us along. Brings back memories. Loved Coconut Island. Also I loved the YouTube light display post.

Autumn Belle said...

Noel, The views are awesome. I love the swaying palms and greenery at Hilo. What a pleasurable way to spend the day.

Amy said...

Very pretty post! What a wonderful place to live. Beautiful!

Noelle Johnson said...

I loved this 'walk'. You live in such a beautiful area and I appreciate you sharing all of it's wonders with us. I look forward to your future posts!

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