Sunday, May 20, 2012

Garden Tour at Volcano Garden Arts

When I'm up in Volcano village, I always make a visit to Volcano Garden Arts to have a wonderful vegetarian lunch at cafe Ono and then to stroll around the beautiful gardens and visit the art galleries .

 There's always new plants and art to see in the garden. Don't you love seeing all these bromeliads up in the branches of these Hapuu (Hawaiian giant ferns)?

A beautiful pots of begonias in full bloom at the centers front entry.

  Along the garden walkway, you see colorful vignettes like this filled with artwork and combinations of plantings.

 I loved this statuette in this water feature it just sets the right mood when you enter the garden area.

 There's alot of interesting chinoiserie in the garden like these huge ceramic pieces.

Isn't this a sweet garden window, I want to make a simple ledge like this for my plants. 

Lots of simple water features filled with fresh blossoms inside.


 Another vignette with a large buddah head with lotus flower offering.

 I like the green house with all these pots filled with succulents and chinese ceramic pieces.

 The one above is my favorite, I think because its all lopsided and the guy looks like he is ready to jump ship!

This is a huge tree filled with these ceramic birdhouses and bromeliads on the branches.

This is always a fun place to visit and I see lots of beautiful things in the gallery and out in the gardens.  Here's a link to the center if your ever up in Volcano Village, Hawaii.


James David said...

The garden look so peaceful and full of reflection.

Mark and Gaz said...

Stunning photos Noel, thanks for sharing these exotic photos!

Roslyn said...

Lots of inspiration there too for your own garden.

Bom said...

Beautiful photos as always. The garden art seems more Asian inclined, yes? I, too, like the statuette in the water feature. Things to keep note of for possible/future use in my own garden. Thanks for sharing.

sharon said...

yes yes yes love love love

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