Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Holiday Decoration for Christmas

I'm keeping it pretty simple as far as christmas decorations this season since I'll be going back to the mainland to visit family and friends during the holidays.

While I was at the farmers market in Hilo, I just picked up this nice simple christmas bouquet for only $4.00, it will make a nice centerpiece to a simple lunch I'm doing for some Ohana (close friends) this weekend.

Now, take a look at a video I was watching last night of what some people do thats over the top outdoor christmas decorating and music combined....enjoy!


Rosie Nixon Fluerty said...


Thats a cool video :) would not like to be paying the electricity bill in the New Year!

Your flower arrangement looks like it was good value for money. Anthuriums are so cold sensitive over here in my part of the world even in the house - looks like a few chlorophytum leaves in the middle there - lovely.

Christine B. said...

Holy Christmas lights, Batman! I have never seen anything like that. How do the neighbors sleep at night with that warm red glow? Your Christmas bouquet is lovely.

Christine in Alaska

Gail said...

Your header is simply splendid! I wish we had a farmer's market that sold such beautiful bouquets! gail

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