Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Variegated Tropical Plants - A Plant Fanatics Passion.

I miss the fall colors and all the beautiful maple trees on the mainland at times....but, living in hawaii does have its perks too.

One of my favorite all time addictions as a plant fanatic is to find these amazing discoveries in the variegated plant world of the tropics. Its almost an endless plant orgy of amazing colors, variegations and beautiful combinations that truly amaze.

Here are a few of my favorites in my garden growing as a took a walk around the property.

I truly love coleus plants, this is one of my favorites, not sure what type of inky hybrid coleus this one is...too many different names that have changed with all the hybrids.

This ti plant is one of my favorites, its called a chocolate queen...isn't that lushious!

Aaaah the foliage on this canna called Tropicana are stunning, this one just finished a flower bloom, will have to take a picture of it for the next time.

I love crotons, they have some amazing color spectrums.

Here's another beauty, let me introduce my ti plant named Xerox

Another favorite of my plants are the  new zealand impatients...I'm starting to get addicted
to these new hybrids....

Can you believe that these are actually volunteers coming out of the side of my compost pile...amazing.

I don't think I have enough variegated plants....time to do more exploring !!!


Rob said...

I've diverted from Twitter on to here.

Amazing what you have growing on your compost pile! The Coleus with the red and white is amazing.

Do you grow many bromeliads? There are some amazing variegated ones, my window ledge is lined up with them!


noel said...

aloha rob i have a friend that has an amazing bromeliad collection that i will post on soon...i don't collect too many since they habor alot of mosquitos where all the water collects so thats unfortunate for me at the moment...i'll be posting about the broms soon though!

jeansgarden said...

Noel, These variegations are gorgeous! Most of the variegations available here are green and white. Love those pinks and reds. -Jean

Amy said...

You live in a wonderful place...pretty photos! I like them all and especially the New Zealand impatients.

gloria bonde said...

gorgeous! - I love varigated plants. I live in South Dakota, so my banana tree lives in my living room (a dwarf, can't remember variety)

Laura Livengood Schaub said...

Noel, those coleus are KILLER! And those hybrid impatiens (dude, no 't' and they might be new guinea?) are amazing! I think my fav is the Ti plant though; love the subtle, swirly colors. I haven't been to Hawaii in many moons; what a photographer's paradise! Thanks for visiting my blog, are you on Twitter?

Kiki said...

Super-Fantastic shots...your plants are stunning! Great post!Wonderful work!

noel said...

my twitter name is @aplantfanatic, yes lets tweet!

azplantlady said...

Wow! The coleus and impatiens are so beautiful! I remember using coleus a lot in my plant lab where we would cut them apart to observe them under the microscope.

James Missier said...

I really enjoy the last pic. of the coleus. They are very beautiful - none that I have seen in my side of the tropical world. Truly exotic hybird.

Melanie said...

I love your photos, what lush tropical growth. Where I live we grow these as houseplants :) It's much better to see them in their natural environment.

Autumn Belle said...

The variegated foliage here looks very healthy and luscious. I'm sure it will beautify any garden.

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